Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home
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Micah moved up stream from Shara after she had her rhythm and began sending the fly across the creek. It was several minutes of silence when he suddenly whipped the rod back and it bent down as the line went taught. “Got ‘em!” Micah said and grinned. He began reeling the line in, moving the rod back and forth and tiring whatever was on the other end. Soon, he reached down and then lifted a large brown trout out of the water and held it up for Shara to see, a big smile on his face. “Yes ma’am! That’s what I call dinner!” and he winked. “Don’t fret none, love. If you don’t catch anything I’ll share… a little.” and he laughed and put the nice four-pound brown in the creel. He then sent his line out again in a series of casts.


“Whoever said chivalry was dead?” she quipped as she continued the back and forth motion with her wrist.

After a bit she felt a tug and held the line fast, slowly reeling it in. When it was close enough to lift out of the water, she burst into laughter at her catch: a stick. Unhooking it, she tossed it in the creel with a cheeky smirk. “Fibre.”


“Don’t you worry none, Sha… I can cook anything.” Micah said and blew her a kiss. He turned back and made a few casts in silence before he said “So how you feelin’ ‘bout Faye gettin’ hitched? Think she’s rushing it? Or you think it’ll work out for ‘em?”


Shara was quiet for a few moments before she replied. “I don’t know. I want it to. She deserves someone who makes her that happy and who am I to talk? I got married six months after meeting Edward. It didn’t feel spur of the moment then and I bet it doesn’t to Faye either. And she’s a lot older than I was. She’s lived enough life alone and miserable, and with enough people who treated her like crap to know that Hammor’s the real deal. And he is Micah. The way Faye told it, even in her moments of distress the man is calm and cool. It’s not that he doesn’t have stronger emotions.” Shara flicked the line back and caught it with her hand, turning to Micah. “My girl is packing a lot of baggage. I know that. She knows that… and yet she keeps going. I’ve watched them together. He understands her in a way I think few others can. I think even when her symptoms make her want to test him to see if he will walk away, he’s the kind who can gently call her out on it and she won’t implode. That’s partly her growth, and partly the kind of man she is.” She smiled. “So yeah, I’ve got a good feeling about it all.”


Micah nodded and smiled and said “Good. Glad ta hear that, fer sure.” He looked at her for a moment and then said “Her finding some peace helping you find some too, Sha? Or is it still up in the air? Because as much as yer girl had been through, your path ain’t exactly been easy. And… well… I want ya to find some peace of yer own. You deserve that as much as anybody else.” His wrist moved almost as if he was unconscious of it and he said “You deserve to be happy to, Sha… You deserve to be lo-OHHHH S#######!!!!!!!!TTTTT!!!” He yelled as the rod bent nearly in half and then lurched forward like it was caught in a tractor beam. MIcah’s hand reflexively clamped down on the rod’s handle and then he followed the rod forward, quickly, and was under the water and gone.

Seconds passed… then almost a minute. Then a ripple appeared in the water, moving towards Shara. Slowly, the frowning face of Micah appeared and he spit water in a stream from his mouth. The pole, what remained, was in pieces in one hand; the other hand, the metal one, dragging something in the water until he came within a few feet of Shara. Slowly, he raised the head of an enormous rainbow trout out of the water. Longer than Micah’s arm, it was at least twenty pounds and three feet long. Micah looked at Shara, a rage-fueled scowl on his face…

“Mom, he followed me home. Can I keep ‘em?” and he started laughing.


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