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OOC: Here is the link to the invitation and the description of her quarters:

While Shara got her back, Siadra lowered Liara back to the ground and whispered in her ear, “Commander Callowway has something for you. So why don’t you go over to her? I’ll be right here, okay?”

For a moment Liara clung to her mother’s side, but then walked over to Shara. Sitting down in front of her, she pondered for a moment. “Purple,” she said and then shook her head and quickly added, “No blue. I think.”

Shara held out the silver box with the blue ribbon. “When my girl was little she was the kind to be off in the woods climbing tress, swimming the lake or working in the dirt in the garden. And she loved it. But every now and again we’d have special occasions and she surprised me when she was around your age, because she asked me for something pretty for her hair. I took a guess that maybe you might just like something similar.”

Inside the box (the ribbon untied with a simple tug), was a narrow hair band in a deep sapphire blue with row of tiny silver rhinestones decorating the top.

Piper watched the interaction with the little girl, she missed her nieces, she gave Liara her space, but she also was thinking about things that might help the little girl feel more comfortable. She walked over to the Commander “Pardon me Commander, I couldn’t help but notice that your little one has some trouble with large groups, would you mind if one day, I could take her to the holodeck and play some games with her. I have two nieces her age and I can get them involved via video.” She suggested.


“Thank you Lieutenant. That would be wonderful. I really appreciate the offer,” Siadra replied with a warm smile. “How are you doing?”

The door slid open and the towering form of the former Chief Engineer-now-Operations Chief appeared in the doorway. Ducking slightly under the top of the frame, Si’Rek stepped inside and looked around as if looking for something specific. As his eyes fell on Liara he said loudly “There’s my little tor’qe!” and he knelt down on one knee and held out his arms. “Come here, little one. Give Uncle Rek a hug.” and he smiled broadly at her.

Si’Rek, Ops Chief

As the door swished open again, Siadra turned her head. Not so much to see who it was, she had sensed Si’Rek before the door had even opened, but to greet him with a wide smile.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

Jumping to her feet, everything else around her forgotten, Liara ran over to Si’Rek and flung her arms around his neck. For the first time that evening her soft soprano laugh could be heard in their quarters.


Sara smiled wide seeing this. She wasn’t too familiar with Siadra or Liara, but seeing people getting along and Liara so happy… it was pleasant. The party was still short a CE, but it was going well.

-Sara Kiernan, once again off duty

Rocking herself forward to her knees, Shara stood up and regarded their Chief Engi… nope, he was Operations now. He was rather tall. Just over a foot taller than her, Shara wasn’t the least bit startled by his size. And in fact, she mused to herself that he probably regarded her age-wise the way she might those just starting in their careers. It’s wasn’t condescension (or at least it was never meant that way), but it was a knowing that only experience could bring. She watched Liara’s enthusiastic greeting, momentarily wistful for time when Faye was that small.

Commander Calloway, CIO

“So,” Paddy said, whirling on Commander Calloway, “You’ve piqued my interest, do you play guitar yourself?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Calloway nodded. “Indeed I do. Also the Bajoran lyre, Vulcan lute and from time to time, piano as well. Smaller string instruments are just more portable though,” she said with a smile.

Si’Rek finally released Liara from the hug and, spying the new headband, said “My my my… but aren’t you looking pretty this evening. Is that new headband? It looks almost like a princess’s tiara.”

Si’Rek, Ops Chief

Liara beamed and nodded. “Commander Ka … Call …” With her head tilted to the side and an expression of deep concentration on her face, she tried to remember Shara’s name, but couldn’t fully recall it. So instead she pointed towards her and said, “She gave it to me.”


Si’Rek looked at the Commander and stood up. Walking over he held out a gray-green-blue skinned hand and said “Commander Ka-Call?” with a smile. “Lieutenant Commander Si’Rek, newly appointed Chief Operations Officer. A pleasure.”

Si’Rek, Ops

Shara laughed and shook his hand with a firm but not hard grip. “Shara Calloway, newly assigned Chief Intelligence Officer,” she said with a smile.

Moving away, Shara tucked the second bow with the purple ribbon back into her bag. A mystery perhaps for another day. “So, what do you folks do around here for fun. Small ship, less amenities, is this”-she gestured with her index finger in a circular motion to the room-“the norm, or do you have other ways of unwinding around here?”

Commander Calloway, CIO

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