Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home


Micah nodded and smiled and said “Good. Glad ta hear that, fer sure.” He looked at her for a moment and then said “Her finding some peace helping you find some too, Sha? Or is it still up in the air? Because as much as yer girl had been through, your path ain’t exactly been easy. And… well… I want ya to find some peace of yer own. You deserve that as much as anybody else.” His wrist moved almost as if he was unconscious of it and he said “You deserve to be happy to, Sha… You deserve to be lo-OHHHH S#######!!!!!!!!TTTTT!!!” He yelled as the rod bent nearly in half and then lurched forward like it was caught in a tractor beam. MIcah’s hand reflexively clamped down on the rod’s handle and then he followed the rod forward, quickly, and was under the water and gone.

“Micah!” Shara shouted, sloshing through the water towards him, though at this depth it wasn’t exactly fast or elegant. Her eyes hunted the water for any sign of him, but it wasn’t entirely clear and it was hard to get a really good sense of where he might be. Securing her hook, she gently tossed the rod towards the shore, four-fifths of it landing on the bank with the handle hitting the water. She didn’t care. Her eyes returned to hunting for Micah as she moved around. Her heart was pounding and for a moment it was like she couldn’t breathe.

Seconds passed… then almost a minute. Then a ripple appeared in the water, moving towards Shara. Slowly, the frowning face of Micah appeared and he spit water in a stream from his mouth. The pole, what remained, was in pieces in one hand; the other hand, the metal one, dragging something in the water until he came within a few feet of Shara. Slowly, he raised the head of an enormous rainbow trout out of the water. Longer than Micah’s arm, it was at least twenty pounds and three feet long. Micah looked at Shara, a rage-fueled scowl on his face…

“Mom, he followed me home. Can I keep ‘em?” and he started laughing.


“Show off,” she deadpanned. Relief replaced the intense worry. No, worry wasn’t the word for what she had experienced. Panic, most likely. “At least we can say we have enough for dinner. you okay?” she said, worry still etched into her features.


Hauling the monster out of the creek, he nodded and said “Yeah… I’m good. Damn thing nearly drug me all the way to the river, though.” and he chuckled. Micah looked at the big fish for a moment and then splashed some water on it’s gills and moved it back into the water. He rocked the head back and forth for a bit and then it started to move and Micah let it go. It splashed a few times at the surface and then was gone. He looked back at Shara and said “He’s prolly lived here longer than I have… can’t right fully just haul him off, now can I?” and shrugged. He waded out of the water and wiped the water off his face and head with his hands and then smiled at her. “ ‘Sides… you got your stick. Thats a meal in itself.” and he moved next to her and leaned down and kissed her… a long, slow kiss that conveyed much more than desire. He pulled back and said “Thanks for being worried, though.” and he smiled at her and kissed her cheek. He picked up the creel and her pole, and the remnants of his, and said “C’mon. One more spot to look at and ‘ol girl here -” and he patted the wicker creel. “- will need some water before we go back.”

“Okay,” Shara said. He was right to let the fish go, but it did mean they were still down to their one fish. Sloshing through to the shore, she retrieved her pole and followed Micah.

He led her up the creek, following it’s bank, for several minutes. Then they crested a large rise…

The walk was good, for more than a few reasons. And it gave her time to think and question and calm the

A waterfall and a large pool. Trees surrounded the place and mossy rocks lined the pool like a masoned border. The fall was just over ten feet high and spilled into a large basin that drained away over large rocks until it became the creek they had just fished. Micah put the creel in the water and then said “So? Fish or swim? You call it.”


“Swim,” she said quietly as she took in the beautiful sight, the word having slipped out of her mouth before she even realized it. She loved places like this- the ones just tucked away from sight where the trek was always worth the effort. “How deep is it?”


Micah began peeling off his wet clothes and laying them flat on sunny rocks. “Deep. Fifty, sixty feet. Between the creek sprung and the aquifer, this is the cleanest water for almost two hundred miles. And ain’t nobody know about it but me and few folks the next property over. And we keep it secret, ‘cause this is where we get the water for our ‘shine.”

Fully naked, he looked at her and said “Enjoying the view, perv?” and smiled and then dove in.


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