Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted June 18, 2021, 2:43 p.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home
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Micah began peeling off his wet clothes and laying them flat on sunny rocks. “Deep. Fifty, sixty feet. Between the creek sprung and the aquifer, this is the cleanest water for almost two hundred miles. And ain’t nobody know about it but me and few folks the next property over. And we keep it secret, ‘cause this is where we get the water for our ‘shine.”

“Good reason,” Shara said with a nod as she watched him, her demeanour still quiet, pensive.

Fully naked, he looked at her and said “Enjoying the view, perv?” and smiled and then dove in.


“It’s a good view,” she said with a chuckle as she began to remove her own clothes, knowing that he probably couldn’t hear her by now.

While Shara wasn’t easily afraid of much of anything, she also didn’t know this land very well and caution was the name of the game. Stepping in slightly, she dove into the cold water, the shock of it rolling over her skin. It was so very much needed. Anything to remind her body that all was well. It was like See? Yeah, it’s cold, but it’s all good. You’re fine.

Enveloped in the water, Shara for a moment had no thoughts, no feelings, nothing. It was a momentary and much needed separation. She surfaced after a few metres, her hair now looking almost black and slicked back over her scalp.


Micah swam up to her and pulled her to him, smiling. “You know, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this before, but you are the most amazing woman I have ever met. Hands down. So I gotta ask… how good are your lungs? Think you can get to the bottom with me? Something to show you, if you’re up for it.”


He did that- he dropped heady observances as if they were comments about the weather and then just moved right along. It was rather fascinating. Treading water slightly, Shara smiled. “Well, as you know I have pretty good endurance. Not different there,” she said, slipping into a smirk. “So let’s go see this thing you want to show me. Better be good though if it’s going to take that much effort.”


Micah grinned and said “Oh, I think you’ll like this a lot. Follow me. It’ll get narrow, but just for a bit, ok?” He took a deep breath and then jack-knifed and dove under the water, heading straight down.

Inhaling deeply and feeling her lungs expand but not to their fullest, Shara dove under the water, following Micah with both eager anticipation and wariness. Why the wariness though? She trusted Micah completely in a way that was unusual, even unnatural, for her.

The water was as clear as any, and the sunlight filtered down about forty feet before gloom overtook them. Suddenly, a light flared, illuminating the water around them… Micah’s cybernetic hand shone a light from the palm like a flashlight. There, in the shadowy sides of the poll’s border, was a dark opening. Without hesitation, Micah surged forward and into it, illuminating a tunnel about six feet wide in all directions. It went for about twenty feet and then angled up. Micah, still underwater, looked back at Shara and smiled and pointed above him. The surface was visible, but dark past the border between water and air.


The weird feeling was back, but trusting Micah, she pulled herself along and into the the tunnel. An underground cavern was her guess at this point and that meant breathable air. She nodded to him so he knew she was alright and continued to follow, aiming for the surface.

~Shara Calloway

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