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The Asimov left the station under impulse power until it reached the buoy marker indicating a jump to warp was safe to do. As the engines whined and the warp core sprang to life, the stars froze for a moment and then vanished into streaks of light as the vessel shot out of sight of the station.

A few hours passed as the crew went over systems to ensure everything was working after the major repairs; and indeed they were. All systems indicated a green operational status, and the ship’s AI indicated an overall operational efficiency of 99.4%. Everything was solid.

Micah Pikelsimer, dressed in the red uniform of a Star Fleet Lieutenant Commander, stood leaning against the bulkhead at the back of the bridge. Next to him was a Lieutenant in the blue uniform of the Science Division. The two stood wordlessly as the crew went about their duties and settled into the newly repaired vessel. Finally, the Lieutenant cleared his throat softly and moved near the Captain’s chair. “Excuse me, Ma’am… but you wanted me to remind you about the Department Head meeting?”


“Yes… yes. Thank you.” Sara pressed a button on the arm of her chair. =/\=All senior staff please report to the conference room.=/\= She smiled lightly. “Here we go.” and she rose and walked to the conference room, nodding for Pikelsimer and the Lieutenant to follow.

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

Bethany had been on the bridge for the departure and familiarizing herself with the console, controls, and most importantly the rhythm the CO and XO set for the bridge. She locked the controls to standby, spoke briefly to the security NE who came to replace her and then followed the small group into the conference room. Old habits die hard and she chose a seat at the corner of the table where she could clearly see everyone with out looking like she was watching a tennis match. And this way she could observe people as they spoke and other’s reactions to what was being said.
Gadi, CoS

Floating meant that with few exceptions, Shara was able to come and go as she needed to. She also could drop whatever she was doing at a moment’s notice more easily than some others.

Slipping into the Conference Room, her mind was trying to work through things even though she knew the details she needed were ones she didn’t have… yet. Her grey-blue gaze swept the room, giving Micah a significant look, though it was the man beside him she focused on. “Blue,” she greeted, folding her arms across her chest even as she gave him a warm smile. He had been her daughter’s handler for a long time. Recruited her even. He understood Faye in a way that she couldn’t entirely. Was she envious? A little. But more than that she just flat out respected the man. “Please tell me you’ve got some super awesome sneaky plan to let a certain person know what the low-down is? Even if it’s just a few words?”

Commander Calloway, CIO

“After. Promise.” the Lieutenant replied. “For now, let’s wait on the others to get here and we can get everything on the table, as it were.”


Paddy came onto the Bridge, offering friendly nods and the occasional, “Morning,” to the senior officers around him before heading into the Conference Room, strong Irish coffee and PADD in hand, taking a seat to the right of Captain Kiernan, “Morning Ma’am,” he said to the CO with a warm grin. He offered a quick wink to Commander Gadi on the other side of the desk.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Bethany was watching as everyone started coming in. The conversation between ‘Blue’ and Calloway peaked her interest but she figured she’d find out soon enough or it would be a mystery to solve. She contemplated the look Calloway passed towards the new command red Lt Cmdr and what it might mean. But Calloway was Intel, and Bethany knew all too well there was no point in guessing right now. She smiled nodded to Lt McMillan, just the person she needed to talk to. “Lt McMillan, if you have time after the meeting I have a training program I would like your professional input with.”
Gadi, CoS

Visrian stood with arms akimbo, mentally bracing for what she knew would become a long and painful conversation. Give me patience, she pleaded and combatted the urge to consult the nearest chronometer. Craning her neck, Visrian shot her companion a counterfeit grin and awaited the onslaught of gossip-shaped bullets about to flee their tongue. But quicker than the crewman’s lips parted, Kiernan’s comm ripped through the corridor and presented a narrow window of escape. Whew! Visrian breathed, making a quick albeit polite farewell before turning heel toward the turbolift. Luck, she chuckled inwardly, I owe you a beer.

Moments later, the Trill scientist slid into the conference room with a slight wrinkle teasing the corners of her mouth. Silently, she greeted the group with a series of brisk, friendly nods and found her way to an empty seat.

— Visrian Parr, CSO

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