Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home


While the files percolated, inside, Shara had picked out a tall glass that was some sort of beer stein or something and put her bundle of flowers and grasses inside, filling it up with water.

She turned to face her grown daughter, hands braced behind her on the edge of the counter. “Look, Nadine, I’m going to be real with you. I’m not an easy person to get to know. Most of my life has revolved around secrets and it’s not in my nature to just share stuff. But I recognize that this moment matters and holding back where I don’t really need to won’t make things okay. So just know that it might be difficult for me at times but I’m trying. That and there is a major disclaimer I need to state up front.”

“Oh?” Nadine asked, observing her birth mother carefully.

“Things have happened with my work that have left me with PTSD. Extreme anxiety about those I care about is one of my triggers. Just know that while I want to hear anything and everything you have to share with me, if at any point I’m struggling with the information I might need to take a break and maybe have less details. It’s the only way this will work.”

“Of course,” Nadine said quietly. “I was honest with your husband. I’m not here out of some vendetta or to cause you pain. I just want answers to questions I’ve had my whole life. Answers it seems only you can give me. And to get to know and understand you a bit. I know it wont be easy, but I appreciate you telling me your limit. I’ll try my best not to cross that line, but if I do, I apologize in advance.”

Out in Vanessa, the console chirped with the results:

Wells, Nadine Clara
Born 2349, Alpha Centauri to Shara Coast and Unknown. Adopted 2349, Alpha Centauri by Alayro, Kennedy and Wells, Preston of Alpha Centauri.
Current place of residence: Portland, Oregon. Earth. Previous place of residence: New York, New York, Earth
Martial Status: Divorced.
Occupation: Teacher
Criminal record: 1 count of shoplifting, 2369. Sentence: Community Service.
–No known ties to criminal or suspicious organizations

Joon Daewon
Born 2353, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Xiomara Zaragoza and Joon V’nor
Current place of residence: New York, New York, Earth. Previous place of residence: Portland, Oregon, Earth
Martial Status: Divorced.
Occupation: Architect
Criminal record: None

~Shara & Nadine

Micah read and memorized the files, then deleted them and wiped the registry from the comms. He went back, activated the sled and moved the piano and footlocker off the ship, across the grass and to the steps. He raised the power slightly on the sled and it rose over the top step and he gracefully moved it to the front door.

As the door opened, Micah said “Sha, you better have made a spot for this thing already or it’s going in the fireplace!” and he began slowly moving it through the door, taking care not to scratch it… ‘it’ being the piano. Micah knew the door Sha wouldn’t care about… but the piano? The woman would kill him.


“In the corner by the window,” Shara said, excitement blossoming in her tone and upon her face as she moved into the great room. She was positively vibrating.

Meanwhile, Nadine was watched with amusement and curiosity. “So… what’s the deal with the piano. Why is it so special?”

Shara kept her eyes on Micah’s navigation as she kept close but out of his way, and flicked her her gaze to and from Nadine here and there. “Grew up with music. My mother was a classically trained pianist. She performed with the local orchestra on Midos, where I grew up. That was her second life. During the day she did colonial administration. But she made sure Gav and I had some musical foundations as kids. I took to it really well. Gavin, not so much.” She shot Nadine a look. “Gavin is my younger brother.”

A brother. Her uncle. It was a tiny portion of the questions she had. Nadine was mentally soaking up every detail shared.

“Anyway, I kept playing and learning, but after I left Midos I never had a piano at home and relied on ones I found about, or later in my life, the holodeck. We had a piano on Tracken and I would play for everyone then, but most of the time it was stuff people could dance to. This piano is for me, so that I can have that outlet anytime I’m here and want it. I’m setting down roots, such as it is.”

~Nadine & Shara

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