Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home
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“First step piano… then she’s gonna try and change my paint scheme.” Micah grumbled as he moved (quite easily but with much grunting and groaning so Shara would know he was at least pretending to put up some kind of a fight) the piano into place. Once it was there, he grabbed a small box off the sled and set it on the piano. “Tuning set with calibrated pitch monitor for perfect adjustments. Merry Christmas.” and he looked at Sha and winked. His eyes then fell on the ‘vase’ of flowers. Shaking hi head, he walked past Shara, kissed her cheek and said “You’re welcome.” and then walked to a cabinet, reached up to the highest shelf and at the very back pulled down a etched crystal vase with humming birds and orchids etched in it. He wordlessly pulled the flowers out, poured the water into the vase, put the flowers inside and set the vase in a *very specific spot… causing small prismatic lights to be cast randomly through the house. He looked at Shara and said “My mom’s vase. First time anyone else besides her used it.” and he winked at her and the smiled at Nadine.

“Well, I’m in honoured company then,” Shara said quietly.

“You get us anything for dinner, wife? Or do I have to take off my furniture mover hat and put on hunter / gatherer hat?” and he smiled.


Please, give me some credit. I wouldn’t leave us dinnerless, what with company and all. Two bass and a catfish, all decent sizes. Plus there’s a basket of mushrooms. Some morels and hen of the woods, plus some wild garlic you can use for either the mushrooms or the fish. I also gathered some wild greens for a salad that I can make, which is safe since it doesn’t involve cooking.” She put a hand on her hip. “Just had to get to know your some some so it could speak to me. Got to learn its ways,” she said with a grin.


“Fish and salad. Got it. And there is no way I’m letting you near the food. You go get that tuned up.” and he jerked a metal thumb at the piano. He then looked at Nadine and said “Welcome, now we put you to work. Get in here.” and he started pulling out the bounty Shara had brought.

Shara was going to feign pouting, since salad was entirely safe, but she naturally took the option that got her near her piano. Her very own!

“You cook?” Micah asked as Nadine came into the kitchen.


Highly amused, Nadine smirked. “Yeah, actually. Not going to go work in a restaurant anytime soon, but I enjoy it. What do you need me to do?”

Micah handed her Shara’s wild greens, some tomatoes, some carrots. and some radishes. “Salad, thats what.” and he smiled at her and slid a knife and cutting board to her as he began to prepare the fish.

Meanwhile, Shara unwrapped the piano carefully, running a hand over it tenderly. It was beautiful. Carefully lifting the lid, she braced the lid prop and set it in place. For a moment, she just stared at the beautiful instrument in disbelief but then moved to the container of equipment. The piano was already tuned, but just in case the move had affected the piano she set about testing one note to see. Soon, Middle C rang out in the house while Shara watched the calibration screen. She smiled… perfect.

Hands resting on the keys, Shara set about warming up, playing major chords in succession and allowing her ears to get attuned to this particular piano.

In the kitchen, Nadine smiled at the sound. “Why do I get that there’s even more to the music thing than she’s letting on?”

~Shara & Nadine

Micah smiled and said “Kiddo, first thing you need ‘ta know ‘bout your ma… there’s always somethin’ more than what she’s lettin’ on. Always.” He paused in his prep of the fish and turned and looked at her. “She’s gonna scare you, Nadine. But when that happens… just remember that she is just as scared as you. Probably more.” and he looked back down at the fish.

“Hey, Sha! You take requests? Know any Stevie Wonder?” and he grinned.


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