Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home
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Micah was grinning from ear to ear and singing along with her, but under his breath… like he was self-conscious about it or something. But when Shara finished, he put two metal fingers in his mouth and a high pitched and loud whistle erupted and he laughed and laughed. “Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!! Goddamn but I love that woman!!” he yelled and smiled at her.

“Thank you, thank you. You’re a great audience! Now you just hang tight now and I’ll be back after a little break,” Shara said with a throaty chuckle.

Nadine laughed aloud. He certainly was an expressive man, eve if like Shara there were definitely depths to him she may never see.

Turning back to the fish, he seared the filets to a light golden brown and took them out and set them aside. “Now then baby girl… go grab that glass bottle that right inside that big metal door over yonder. Thats the walk in cold storage. Bottles’ just on tha left.”

“On it,” Nadine said, slipped over to the cooler and grabbing the requested bottle.

He took the bottle and poured the cream from the top into the skillet where it began heating and blending with the butter and remnants of the fish. He took the mushrooms, now thinly sliced and browned in butter, and slid them into the cream with onions, dill, and salt. He slowly and constantly stirred the contents until they had become a rich, thick, creamy mushroom sauce.

Meanwhile, Nadine tossed the salad in a little olive oil and some sort of nice vinegar she found, with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper to round it out.

“Here, get the salad plates ready if ya would please.” Micah said to Nadine as he slid the fish onto plates and then spooned sauce over the tops of each.


“Mhmmm,” she said as hunted for the salad plates in the cupboard Shara had been rifling in before.

Shara poked her head in. “I can set the table?”

~Shara & Nadine

“If you think you can without setting the table on fire, my love… absolutely.” Micah said with a grin.

“Hahaha! You think you’re so terribly funny,” Shara said dryly as she slipped into the kitchen and gathered cutlery, trying to not get in the way.

He looked at Nadine and said “Tonight you will partake of some liquid libations. Wine… I’ll take it easy on ya.” and he grinned and winked. “Now then, Nadine…” and he turned around with two plates in his hands and went to the table and set them down, “… salads here. You get the glasses from the top of that cabinet and I’ll grab the wine.” and he disappeared into the cold storage, emerging a few moments later with a clear bottle with a goldish-green liquid inside. “Portuguese Vino Verde. Perfect with fish.”

“Looks good,” Nadine said with a warm smile as she set the trio of salads on the table, moving around Shara deftly. She briefly wondered what it would look like if he wasn’t taking it easy on her and decided she wasn’t sure she wanted to know. Besides, she was honest that she didn’t drink too much. But a glass of wine would be nice with dinner.

He pulled a corkscrew out of a drawer and opened the bottle and set it on the table. “Ladies, please have a seat.” and he pulled the chair out for both, but pushed Shara back in for her and then kissed her cheek before sitting down himself.


“Awww, chivalry! Is that what we’ve been missing?” Shara said with a grin as she watched him sit. For a moment she just folded her arms on the edge of the table and took them both in. “Well, I absolutely didn’t see this day shaping up the way it has, but I’m glad for it. Whatever else happens, thank you Nadine, for looking for me. I couldn’t, and even if I was willing to bend the law, I didn’t want to impose myself where I wasn’t wanted.”

“Good thing you married me, then. I love bending the law.” Micah said with a wink at Nadine.

“Oh Shara,” Nadine said quietly. “I’m glad too. It’s a lot, but I’ll never regret this.”

Shara smiled and then looked at Micah. “And you, husband, thank you for being sneaky.”

~Shara & Nadine

“You’d not have me any other way, wife. And you are welcome.” He poured wine in all the glasses and then raised his up.

“To family… the ones we have and the ones we choose.”


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