Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground

Posted July 22, 2021, 11:09 a.m. by Civilian Liara Enai (XO's Daughter) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Si’Rek (Chief Operations Officer) in Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground

Posted by Civilian Liara Enai (XO’s Daughter) in Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Si’Rek (Chief Operations Officer) in Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground
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Si’Rek smiled and said “Here, let me show you.” and he motioned her around his desk. Once she was by him, he said “Now watch.” He slipped his boots off so he was standing on the rug under his desk in stockinged feet. He started to slowly rub his feet on the carpet, then faster, and then faser some more. As he did, he said =/\=Computer. Lights to twenty five percent. =/\= and the light dimmed. “Now see my feet moving? Thats motion, or mechanical, energy. I am using energy from my body to move my feet and legs. That energy then becomes this.” and he slowly reached out with a finger and pointed at his desk moving slowly closer and closer until… pop… a small spark of static electricity shot forth. In the dim light, it was flash of blue white light.

Standing right next to Si’Rek, Liara watched closely, paying attention to everything he was doing. When the spark of static electricity shot forth, she giggled and bounced a little up and down.

“See?” Energy from me moved my feet. My feet rubbed on the floor making static. The static was stored in me until I touched the desk, then it became electricity and heat and light. And now electricity and heat and light have moved on and changed into other things… but it’s still there. We can’t see or hear it, but that doesn’t mean it’s gone. It just means we can’t see it or hear it, thats all. Now do you understand?”

Si’Rek, CE

Her head tilted and her nose wrinkled, Liara thought about that for a moment and then half nodded, half shook her head. She wanted to understand, prove that she was as smart Si’Rek thought she was, but she also didn’t want to pretend. Instead she wanted to really understand. “I understand how the energy moved and shifted. But … how do you know that you didn’t create it. You moved your feet to make the energy, didn’t you? And can’t see or hear it now, how do you know it isn’t gone?” she asked.


Si’Rek smiled. “But it took energy to move my feet, right? So I had to have that energy first. And as far as not seeing it or hearing it, think about the air you breathe. Can you see it? No. Can you hear it? No. But its there, right? Energy is kind of like that.”

Si’Rek, CE

Again Liara thought about that for a moment and then nodded her head. “I think I do,” she said and then smiled up at Si’Rek and asked, “What was mama Leni’s favourite place in engineering?”


Si’Rek smiled. “She loved the Jeffrie’s Tubes. If there was a task that needed to be done and it required crawling in there… she was on it. She liced exploring the ship in those places.”

Si’Rek, CE (at the time)

Inching a little forward on her chair, her legs swinging, Liara asked, “Can you show me the Jeffrie’s tubes? I want to see all the places she would have like on this ship. On the Four Winds I wasn’t allowed to go to Engineering.”


Si’Rek smiled and said “That I am afraid I can’t do, little one. Not yet, anyway. You need to be a bit older and able to do many push-ups and pull-ups before I can take you in the tubes. They can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.”

Si’Rek, CE (At The Time)

The smile on her face faltered as Liara bowed her head. A minute ago she hadn’t even known that she might want to go into the Jeffrie’s tubes and now she felt her lower lip quiver a little as she fought back tears. But it was only a few short moments before she looked up again, her chin pushed slightly forward and an expression of almost fierce determination on her face. “How much older do I have to be? And how many push-ups and pull-ups do I have to be able to make?” she asked.


Si’Rek looked at her for a moment and then said “Six years old. And fifty of each without stopping. You do that, I will take into the tubes. Deal?” and he held out his hand to the future Engineer.

Si’Rek, CE (at the time)

“Deal!” Liara replied with a wide grin and took Si’Rek’s hand. She was already 6 and she believed that doing fifty push-ups and pull-ups couldn’t be that difficult. So she was certain that it wouldn’t be long till she’d be able to see the Jeffries tubes. “Can you show me something else before than?” she asked eagerly.


“Oh, I absolutely can. How about I show you where the central computer is? Oh, and did you know that there is someone living in the computer? Their mind? It’s like a crew member who can use the whole ship at once!”

Si’Rek, CE (At the time)


“Really?” Liara asked, her eyes wide with excitement. Still holding Si’Rek’s hand she basically jumped of her chair, eager to go there right away. “Can you show me now? Pleeeaaaase?” she asked and pulled at his hand to make him get up as well.


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