Side sim: Mess Hall - a casual visit

Posted July 22, 2021, 11:51 p.m. by Civilian Allison Fleet (Civilian) (Miriam W)

Posted by Ensign Elliot Finnegan (Engineer) in Side sim: Mess Hall - a casual visit

Posted by Civilian Allison Fleet (Civilian) in Side sim: Mess Hall - a casual visit

Posted by Ensign Elliot Finnegan (Engineer) in Side sim: Mess Hall - a casual visit
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Allison was tired. Great bird of the galaxy she was tired. Moving halfway across the Galaxy wasn’t the easiest endeavor, let alone moving halfway across the Galaxy with two infants. Why had she agreed to come along when Rovan returned to active duty? Oh. Right. Because she loved him and didn’t want to be separated for the most important years of their children’s lives. That was why.

Well, she finally had a day without the twins. Sophie and Kasper were Rovan’s problem for a few hours while she got to relax and explore his new ship. Allison wore dark blue trousers, a pale green blouse, and a baggy grey jumper with food stains on it. Her dirty-blonde hair was mostly tied up in a ponytail, although much of it was falling out due to grabby baby hands. She headed straight towards the mess hall, knowing that would be where any socialization would be happening on a small ship like this. It was funny. She’d been back in Starfleet for almost half a decade and it still shook her how big all the ships were. This ship was a little closer to what she was used to, but the corridors still felt expansive. Allison stepped into the mess hall (after finally locating it) and glanced around.

Noticing an empty table, she quickly claimed a seat and decided just to sit and people-watch for a little while. She might get something to eat in a minute.

Allison Fleet-Moor, Civilian

Finn stared off into the empty air, elbow on the table, cheek resting on his hand. The PADD laying on the table had schematics of repairs and upgrades they’d had performed after their… adventure on the last planet. He had spent days reviewing them, double checking circuits and panels and conduit and… So. Much. Else. He couldn’t recall ever being busier in his life, even during the Academy, and that had been… rough. He had forced himself here, away from engineering, away from all the sectors that had been repaired. There were other teams working on it, after all.

Even still, the diagrams swam before his eyes; calculations, equations, and tolerances spun through his mind. He sighed, sitting up and running a hand through his dark hair. He realized he had just been sitting there, looking at nothing for a few minutes, and glanced around. Most people were busy eating; one woman sat alone at an empty table. He mentally shrugged. He didn’t have any food in front of him either. He stood, walking to the replicators on the wall.

“Whiskey ginger, with a lime” he ordered, then returned to his table, highball glass in hand. He spritzed the lime slice into the drink, than took a long sip. The burn of the whiskey was tempered by the cool ginger flavor, yet enhanced by the light carbonation. He felt the light relaxation of synthehol begin to suffuse his body, and he took a deep breath, smiling. Now he was getting away from work.

He turned off the PADD and flipped it over just to be sure, before propping his feet up on one of the other chairs at the table and taking another sip.

Finn, Eng

The young man sat down in front of her and Allison gave a small start, not having seen him approach as her attention had been focused elsewhere in the room. Then her mind focused on that word for a second. Young. She didn’t look that much older than him, visually, but lived experience meant so much more than physical appearance. “Hello there,” she said with a kind smile, turning her chair to face him. Her mind began to assess him like she assessed everyone. Human. Male. His jawline reminded her of her Uncle Clark. Yellow colours on his shirt suggested he was in security or engineering, but the way he sat had none of the slight tension that seemed to remain in security officers even when they weren’t on duty. Engineering then. One of her husband’s team.

Allison gave it a moment before speaking again. “I’m Allison,” she introduced herself, lifting a hand and offering a handshake. A single pip on his collar. An ensign. The same as she had been before resigning. She missed her job, burying herself in the science lab, but her new job of caring for the twins was similarly rewarding. Maybe even more so.

Allison, Civilian



Finn jumped at the sound of her voice from the next table. “Oh,” he said, putting his feet back on the floor and extending his own hand. “Hi. I’m Finn,” he continued with a grin. He’d stopped explaining why he used that name early in the Academy, finding it just made introductions longer, and could always be explained later if the need arose.

She still had nothing at her table. “Would you like a drink?” he asked, raising his own. “I can run to the replicator.”

Finn, Eng

“Nice to meet you, Finn,” Allie replied with a soft smile. She wondered if Kasper would be this confident when he grew up. “I’m good without a drink, thank you. I’m just taking a short break from the twins while my husband watches them. I’m curious, what do you and the crew do for fun, when you’re not on duty?” She was hopeful that she’d be able to figure out what she’d be able to do. Things to keep her mind and body active and engaged. Something for her that wasn’t for the sake of her children. That’s what Shara had told her to do.

Allison, Civ.

“Ohhh, boy,” he grinned. “If you’re needing to take a break, I assume they’re a handful, and probably still pretty young.” He sipped his drink, enjoying the gentle fizz the ginger ale gave it. “Fun… fun…” he said, lifting the PADD he’d set down. “Well, we have the holosuite up and running - you can schedule some time with Operations.”

He dropped the PADD to the table again. “There’s some board games over there,” he pointed to the table at the back of the mess hall. “And those terminals are available for general usage and entertainment.” He pointed to a few standalone LCARS terminals on one side.

“Other than that…” he laughed sheepishly. “We’re a small warship, not exactly designed for relaxation and recreation. When we need that, we head back to a starbase.” He sipped the drink again, and then made a sound that sounded like “Mmhm!” before he swallowed.

“Oh,” he said again, with no liquid in his mouth this time, “and we actually have a decent vid library on board, and of course a huge library of written works stored on board. I’ve been reading some Mark Twain recently, but they have a wide variety of modern authors as well as the classics.”

Finn, Eng

“I’ve read… just about every notable book that was published before the 2150s. And a bunch that were published afterwards,” Allison replied with a small chuckle. “But all those are helpful suggestions. It’s too bad my husband was posted here and we decided we didn’t want to be split up. Maybe I can help out during missions, if I can find childcare. I think I’ve heard rumors that there’s a six year-old on board? Maybe I can help watch over her when her parent is busy…”

Allison, Civilian

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