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Posted July 23, 2021, 11:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Gadi’s Quarters

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) in Gadi’s Quarters

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Gadi’s Quarters
Shara wasn’t joking that she kept odd hours. While the nightmares were less, she’d wake up in the middle of the night sometimes panicked and not know why. The dream will have not registered at that point and all she could feel was the same vague unease.

Lying in bed never worked for her, so she got up and grabbed a cup of mint tea. After awhile she’d be sleepy again and so she crawled back into bed after a sonic shower. The pulses just seemed to help just that little bit extra and by the time her head hit the pillow again, she was nearly out.

The reality of sharing a washroom was that if you were awake, then you could tell if someone else was in there. That and they were going to have to agree on a system- maybe just knocking- but she had yet to run into Bethy and she wasn’t sure the COS had actually realized they were next-door to each other.

Shara slept a bit longer and awoke annoyingly at 0500 hours. She went for a workout and came back, slipping in for a shower at 0530. After dressing and sending a message to Faye, she read her messages and read a report. She was killing time, yes, but at least it was productive.

At 0700 hours, Shara slipped out her door and pressed the chime on the next.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany had been up for awhile. Habit made her a lite sleeper. When she heard the shower going in the middle of the night she’d roused and then settled back down. It was going to take some getting used to having someone next door. It reminded her though that she needed to find out who it was on the other side. It may not make her sleep easier but to an extent it would prepare her for who she might run into. She’d gotten up at 0500 and started reading over personnel files of her staff trying to get a feel for their skills and where they fit best. She sent a letter to her parents and uncles. Work was fine, she was getting settled, the trip out was fine, there wasn’t enough coffee. She hopped into the shower at 0615 and was back out shortly after. She started the coffee and it wasn’t long before the smell was wafting through her quarters.

She expected Shara at 0700 and not to be late so at the same time Shara was pressing the chime, Bethany was already opening the door. “Right on time.” Bethy laughed, “Come on in. You have your own cup or want to borrow one?” The smell of the coffee filled the room. On the work station sat a coffee pot and there was a bag of ground coffee, Mast Store Provisioners Appalachian Blend, sitting next to it. She took a large travel mug off a shelf and twisted the lid off and picked up the pot and poured the liquid magic into the cup. She chuckled, “Sorry I’m not quite talkative till I’ve had at least two cups.”

Gadi, CoS

Shara waved her off. “No apologies. I can be alert first thing, but not by choice,” she said with a smirk, the tiredness still sitting there. “Though I’ve been up for a couple hours already. No cup, so I’ll have to borrow one. If this becomes a regular thing, I’ll have to get one.” She wasn’t used to having stuff with her, of her own- except the guitar and a framed photo on her desk- so the thought was still rather odd.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany nodded, “Same here. I can be but I’m not a morning person.” Bethy reached up onto the shelf and took down another 16 oz travel mug and poured it full, screwed the lid back on and passed it over. “I don’t have cream or sugar, we’ll have to go to the mess to get that. But I usually just drink it black.” She picked up her cup and sipped at it. “This is going to take awhile. My neighbor was up and in the shower in the middle of the night.” The hours her neighbor kept didn’t really bother her, they were all on different shifts, “That’s going to take some time to get used to. Having someone in such close proximity. Necessity makes us light sleepers.” She laughed, “My mentor would tell me, ‘Ackh Girly suck it up and go ta sleep already’.”

Gadi, CoS

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