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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home
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Nadine looked over and gave a lopsided smile, one not so unlike her impertinent sister. “Ahh, you’re not so bad. You’re just all gruff on the outside. Don’t think you can fool me with that.

She stopped pacing and drew closer to Micah, though she didn’t step onto the porch yet. “What if…” She shook her head. “What if she doesn’t want to know me? I mean, who am I to waltz into her life? I’m no one to her! It was the same thing I worried about with Shara. That she’d not want to ever know me even if I found her. I had actually prepared myself for knowing the basics but never the whole story, to just going back to my life. Sure, we’re doing this now, and we’ll see how it goes, but I’m not arrogant enough to think some successful Starfleet officer is just going to welcome a long-lost sister she never knew about with open arms.” She let out a huffed breath, one that carried so much weight and emotion that she still didn’t feel lighter for getting that off her chest.

~Shara & Nadine

He looked at her a long moment, his face thoughtful through the smoke. Finally… after a long silence… he blew blew smoke slowly form between his lips and said “Well… what if she does? You’ve prepped and geared up for the negative… whatcha gonna do if she just looks at ya and says ‘Sister, huh… ok. Slumber party. Now. Get ready.’ ‘Cause I’ll give ya fair warning… the Faye I know? That’s more her style.” He drew another puff and stood up, pipe in his teeth. He stepped down off the porch and stood right in front of her, putting his hands on her arms just below her shoulders.

She didn’t move as he held her in place. the fear was there, of course it was. But he wasn’t wrong. She didn’t know this Faye woman, what she was like. She knew nothing about her. So maybe her worry was all for naught.

“You and your mom in there… y’all are resilient. No matter what happens here tonight or the next few days… no matter what happens with your sister… you’ll be alright. Just let it come… then deal. Trust me… you’re in good company. You got good blood in ya.” and he squeezed softly and then walked past her. “Now head on in. Your mom’s probably getting nervous. I’m gonna go see a guy about a horse.” and he walked off in the direction of the tree line.


‘A horse?’ she mouthed and simply shook her head. Nadine was quickly discovering that the fastest way to insanity in this situation was to start questioning everything too much. She just had to go with it, much like she had a lot of things in her life. Exhaling loudly, she moved into the house.

But Shara was not there where they had left her. And then she heard her from what seemed upstairs.

“No…” A long bit of silence. “I don’t care if that’s what he said my answer is no.Ennn… ohhhh. No. Very clear word. You should look it up.” There was more silence.

“Shara?” Nadine called up the stairs.

“Be down in a minute,” she called back and the conversation seemed to continue. “No, I’m not alone. You didn’t exactly ask.... my business, not yours. It’s called R and R for a reason. I’m not on duty… Fine! Put me through to him, my answer will be the same.” A much longer silence and even Nadine could tell that Shara’s anger was picking up. ” For f^&£’s sake, what is it with people lately? I was very clear and my answer has not changed!” Footsteps back and forth the wooden floors. “Talk to the Admiral then. We were doing very well together and she knew the situation.... nope, you know what the situation is, it hasn’t changed… Tough luck… Yep, getting a one-sided earful. You’ve interrupted dinner, after all.... Yeah, that thing people do.... I know… I know… Do you know that? It doesn’t seem like you do. Don’t you dare Agent Calloway me! I’m not on duty and am not due back for two to three weeks at my discretion… Don’t push me.” There was an edge to her voice that sounded very much like Shara was about to lose it on whomever was on the other line. “Look, I can give do a neat and tidy presentation and pass it along but you don’t need me there for— since when?! You know what, I’m done with this conversation. I’ll on tomorrow for the scheduled meeting but until then blow it our your ass!”

Shara swept down the stairs, her feet seeming to barely skim the steps and it was almost soundless. She moved back through to the dining table and exhaled audibly, tossing her earpiece onto the table with a tad more force than she cared for.. “Sorry about that. the problem with being so good at your job is that they really don’t like it when you change things up on them and decide you want to take things in a different direction.”

“Starfleet?” Nadine asked. She was more than certain of it, but she wanted the confirmation. Shara nodded. Nadine took all she knew so far and also had a solid hunch. “But also… the spooky bunch?”

Hands on her hips, Shara laughed and then sighed, letting all the tension flow out of her. “Yeah. Not too hard to guess I imagine.”

“Oh no. I already told Micah I knew he did sneaky spy stuff. Otherwise the whole song and dance just to get here would have been unnecessary.”

Shara grinned. “You’re quick, I’ll give you that. Not that it’s surprising at all. You are, after all, my daughter. A bunch of sharp witted women we are. Come on, let’s sit back down to dinner. And where’s Micah?”

“Said he’d be back soon. Something about a horse?”

She blinked and then Shara shrugged as she retook her seat. “Well, I guess we carry on. He’ll be back when he’d done.... whatever that is.” And so they carried on eating and chatting, Nadine talking about her school and students. Meanwhile, under the surface, Shara stewed and downed her wine without much hesitation.

~Shara & Nadine

Micah came in and looked at the two, and his eyes fixed on Shara. Taking his seat, he said “Everything ok?” He took her hand and squeezed it, then let go. As he picked up his fork he said “So what’d the Admiral want?” and gave her a wink.


Shara huffed. “Sent a minion to do his dirty work as usual, until I was patched through directly. But Admiral Di**wad was trying to suss out how flexible my career intentions were. As if Psyc would pass me for the kind of stuff he wants me to do. Couldn’t even wait for tomorrow’s meeting to hear the word no from me either. So no, I’m not okay,” she said, stabbing a mushroom with enough force that it nearly tried to make an escape from her plate.

“Yeah, hearing your sixty-five year old mother swearing up a storm and sounding like she wanted to punch them in the face is quite the experience,” Nadine said grinning. “I hope you didn’t make the minion cry.”

“Oh, she didn’t sound like she wanted to, trust me.” and he grinned.

Shara let out a barked laugh. “Nah, the Lieutenant and I are good. She’ll brush it off and when she calls me into the meeting tomorrow everything will be fine. Drixton on the other hand…” She shook her head and stabbed another mushroom. “Good thing I’m here and he’s there. Don’t want to end up in the stockade for assaulting a superior officer. Though come again, if he really wanted to pull that crap on me, he’d have done so already. I certainly used enough colourful words to have bruised a few things.”

“Not a superior officer, just a higher ranking one.”

“I stand happily corrected,” Shara said simply.

Nadine shot Micah a look. “We’re not worried about a stroke or anything here, right?

~Shara & Nadine

“Only on the Admiral’s part, and trust me… galaxy’d be better off. Hes a first class piece of s#!+.” He looked at Shara. “You need to tell him you and I are married. He and I go way back.” and he looked at Nadine and smiled. “I made him so mad he climbed over a desk to get at me, fell off it, and broke two teeth.” and he started laughing.


Shara gazed at Micah in surprise. “Oh, you just made my day! I can tell them I’m on R and R with you, though I won’t deign to tell him we’re married. He’s not worth sharing that with, and I’m of a mind not to share that tidbit with Starfleet just yet. But do save some of the ‘shine for tomorrow in case the meeting goes as I expect it will? I promise not to down the whole jar this time. Learned my lesson,” she said with a smirk.

Meanwhile, Nadine was taking everything in keenly. “So, without telling me so much that you’d be all cliched and have to kill me, what is it that you actually do?” she asked, looking between them.

Shara let out a slow breath. “This doesn’t leave the table, but even then it’s not privileged info. But it’s important that you don’t go around casually mentioning any of this. That I work for Starfleet is more than enough, got it?”

Nadine seemed almost shocked that they had to discuss that. “Of course! I got that memo earlier from Micah. I’m not here to make things more difficult than they have to be.” And of course Nadine meant it, even if she naturally would make things at least a little more complicated.

“What I used to do is reconnaissance. You can use your imagination as to the extent that might go, but I gathered information and passed it back to my bosses. I went on long-term assignments that lasted months or years. And I was very good at my job, which makes them less likely to want to do as I’ve requested and that is give me a regular duty assignment. But I’ve demanded that and I won’t settle for less.”

~Shara & Nadine

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