Side sim: The new CMO reports for duty!

Posted July 27, 2021, 10:40 a.m. by Lieutenant Senek (Chief Medical Officer) (Nicole Cline)

The transfer had not been Senek’s idea. The Vulcan had been perfectly happy aboard the Resolute, however she had been convinced that a lateral move to the Asimov was the best thing she could do. And as irritating as getting to know a new crew could be, it would also be an opportunity to learn more.

That was the thing with humans. As illogical and annoying as they could be, they were infinitely fascinating, and so as irritating as transferring to a new ship was, she could see how very different people might behave. Of course, the Asimov was far from only a human ship - and Senek would welcome the possibility of getting to know others as well. But she’d always had somewhat of “a soft spot” for humans. It had earned her ridicule back on the Vulcan ship.

A few crew members greeted her as she headed down the hall. Of course, Senek knew precisely where she was going, but she had some spare time, and she figured no harm was done in looking around the ship before she officially checked in for duty. Whenever someone said ‘hello’, she made sure to say something back. Humans liked that, though the point of it was lost on her.

But now, she was out of extra time, and precisely on the dot on time, she was outside the door of the Executive Officer’s office, and she rang the chime to let them know she was there. Then, she stood quietly and patiently, and waited.

~ Lt Senek, CMO

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