Side sim - Senek’s psych eval

Posted July 27, 2021, 12:42 p.m. by Lieutenant Senek (Chief Medical Officer) (Nicole Cline)

If anything was a bigger time sink than the medical examination, it was the psychological evaluation. It was well-known that Vulcans did not understand human psychology, and Senek was no exception. Humans seemed to put great reliance on the “science” of psychology, which to her, seemed like little more than the study of feelings. Of things that Vulcans did not have. Or at least, put no stock into. But it was required by Starfleet, which Senek had joined to work closer with humans, and so, there was little point in dragging it out.

Turning down the hallway, she headed for the CNS’ office, and upon arrival at the door, she rang the chime.

~ Lt Senek, CMO

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