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“Alright everyone.” Sara sighed gently. “I understand this is no small risk we’re undertaking, and we all have concerns. We are trained and experienced officers. We can do this. Let’s keep our heads together and the mission in mind. We have a lot to do, so let’s get to it.” She nodded to say Dismissed.

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

Since she had few more things she wanted to talk about with Blue and Pikelsimer, and Calloway and Kiernan if they wanted to stay, Enai remained in her seat and waited for the rest of the Senior Officers to leave. Her gaze wandered over to Shara as she waited as she started to feel concerned for the older woman. It was obvious to her that she was struggling and thus she would not only talk to her learn how she should act, but also to see what there was she could do to support Shara.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

As the rest of the assembled officers left, Blue turned in his chair and said “All right, Commander… what would you like to discuss?”


At Blue’s question, Siadra turned her head towards him. She took a deep breath. less to calm herself and more to gather her thoughts. Yet before she started to speak, her focus returned to Shara. Something wasn’t right.

As people left, Shara sat there unmoving, her mind going elsewhere.

“You’re dismissed, Centurion,” the Major said, his loathing clear.

“I was tasked with maintaining the prisoner’s life, and I will do no less just because you’re in a foul mood, Darjon,” Shara said, grateful for the facial prosthetics that helped her maintain a neutral expression. Her words were also spoken in perfect Rhiannsu, with a hint of a accent of one who spoke the second dialect and had learned the common upper dialect later for work in the Tal Shiar.

Ignoring her for a moment, he turned and delivered a swift kick to the prisoner’s side, causing her to moan.

“Get up, ‘yikh’!” a Darjon demanded, clearly losing patience.

“It’s pointless right now,” Shara said, all but rolling her eyes. “I told you the serum will leave her out of it for awhile. You’re going to have to wait. Leave her be Major.”

“I hardly think you are in any position to dictate anything to me, Centurion.”

“Fine, kill her. Because that will be the result.” And that was the one thing they were told explicitly to avoid. Create misery as they must, but the prisoner must stay alive.

The Major huffed, spun on his heel and left the cell.

The prisoner squinted her eyes open, but her gaze was unfocused. In her Tal Shiar uniform, Shara crouched down and scanned her with a device. Pulling out a hypo, she carefully leaned forward so the surveillance equipment couldn’t see the motion and the fact that she injected the woman with a sedative. Her eyes lingered on the form of her daughter for one moment longer before she got up and whispered, “You’re welcome.” Shara didn’t look back as Faye fell unconscious, about to sleep off yet another cocktail of drugs that had been inserted into her system to slowly loosen her grip on reality. It was working, but Shara was working as best she could to get her out of there before it actually happened. So far Faye had been exceedingly strong and it stunned her actually. And made her ridiculously proud. Hold on Baby Girl. We’re almost there. A few more days was all they had to make it before they would have a chance for escape. A few more days that felt like an eternity what had become a personal hell.

Still in the same position, Shara’s hand clenched, her knuckles going white.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Sensing the mix of emotions from Shara and seeing the white knuckles of her clenched hand, Siadra worried about the other woman. But knowing better then to get up and touch her, she asked instead, “Commander Calloway? Shara? Are you okay? What are you remembering?” Her voice was soft, tender, but hopefully still loud enough to register with the other woman and to gently pull her back into the here and now.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

Pikelsimer cleared his throat softly and said to Siadra “Commander… lets move forward, shall we?” Under the table, his foot went to Sha and gently rubbed inside her calf. “Now… if you don’t mind asking about whats on your mind, we can start getting this ball rolling.” Pikelsimer may have sounded dismissive, but it was just the opposite. He saw the white in his wife’s knuckles, the increased pulse rate as the artery in her neck pulsed. But now wasn’t the time to delve into Sha’s memories… although Micah was pretty sure he knew where those memories had taken her.


The frown on Siadra’s face deepened as she didn’t feel like moving one was the right thing to do. Yet at the same time she knew that sometimes it was best not to address everything right in the moment. So she held her tongue, nodded and took a deep breath.

Blinking, Shara was momentarily unnerved and that ill feeling still sat in the pit of her stomach. But she unclenched her hand and folded her hands on the table. “I’m concerned with the lack of training the crew has that is needed in order to pull off a mission of this magnitude, but we do have time to get our ducks in a row, as it were. I’d like the full list of everyone’s predetermined role and identities so I can work with each person to make sure they can pull it off.” The crew was small but eighty people she figured she could manage over the two weeks.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Siadra nodded in agreement and then said, “As all of you are aware, I have my daughter on board and then there are the twins of our Chief Engineer. I don’t know what his and his wife’s plans are going to be, so I’m going to speak only for myself. Yes, I know that raising a child on a Starfleet vessel always comes with risks and that I’m the only to take the responsibility for making that choice. There is quite a difference though between this mission and an average mission and the risk here is much higher. So this whole situation leaves me with three options: One. Once we arrive at base my daughter and I are going to stay behind.” She held up one finger. “Two. I’m going to send Liara away to stay with either of her grandparents.” She held up a second finger. “Three. Liara is going to stay with me on the Asimov.” She held up a third finger. Her voice was even, almost detached and only the slightest flicker of emotions could be seen in her black eyes. Looking from one person to the next, she continued, “Staying behind would feel to me like I’m going to betray this crew and like I’m going to break my oath as a Starfleet officer. If I do I will always wonder if my staying would have made a difference. Not to mention that it would break my daughter’s heart to move again and to - again - leave people behind she cares deeply about. So that leaves the other two options. My daughter already lost one parent. She is a very sensitive child and I’m afraid that it would break her if she were to learn that I’m supposedly dead or something as well. Yet if she stays I’m putting both her mental and her physical health, potentially her life at risk.” Fixing Pikelsimer, her eyes were suddenly ablaze with anger, yet her voice remained even. “You are putting me in an impossible situation. So the least you can do is help me find a solution that will not break my daughter’s heart and soul.”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

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