Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home


“You suck!” Shara shouted back, more than a little petulantly. With a huff, and of course knowing he was right, Shara headed out to the ship.

Inside, she set-up a secured comm protocol and sent out a ping to the Delta Quadrant. Within a few minutes, she got a clear signal and was once again surprised how easy it was. But then again, that was all Faye’s doing. There might be a team on Event Horizon doing their thing, but it was due to Faye’s protocols that the two quadrants could communicate so easily back and forth. As always, a thrill of pride flowed through her, though it lasted only a few moments as the reality of what she was about to do hit her.

Faye appeared, wearing her trademark grin and deeply penetrating eyes. “Well if it isn’t Mrs Subspace Bride! How’s the honeymoon? Oh! And Alex and I both laughed ourselves silly. I think Alex might have injured his ribs. Still waiting to hear back from Dag, but he’s been on shift so he might not have see it yet, but I expect an appropriately amused response.”

Shara’s hand flew to her face and she shook her head. “Not how I pictured another wedding, but at least it was entertaining,” she said dryly, and yet she couldn’t help but smile.

“Where my new daddy?” Faye said, though her expression looked skeptical.

“Inside the house. I’m on his ship right now. Are you weirded out?” Shara said softly, knowing that it was a lot for Faye to manage in that brain of hers.

“Yeah, a little, but I’m processing and it’s fine. Are you happy?” Faye asked, leaning forward.

It wasn’t the smile on Shara’s lips that told Faye everything she needed to know, but the brightness in her eyes as she leaned forward. “Yeah, Baby Girl, I’m really happy. And I mean apparently I now co-own 800 acres out here, so anytime you want a vacation, it’s here.” But the brightness faded from the eyes quickly.

Faye frowned. “What’s up? Is something wrong?”

Acid touched the back of her throat and Shara knew that if it hadn’t been for Micah she would have avoided this conversation as long as she could. But then again that’s why they were married, wasn’t it? He knew her that well. “Faye… I don’t know how to even talk about this and…”

Something was really wrong and Faye didn’t know why exactly, but a shiver swept over her spine. “Then just say it,” she said firmly.

Okay, she could do this, right? Faye would be understandably upset but she would forgive her right? The fear was there- she didn’t want to lose this daughter because she had been reunited with the other one. “Micah and I have a guest here, Faye. I didn’t instigate it, because legally I couldn’t, but… a woman by the name of Nadine Wells is visiting. She’s… my other daughter, your half-sister.”

Incomprehension played over Faye’s face and her daughter just stared back at her, silent.

“Faye?” Shara said softly. “I can explain, I just need you to be okay.”

But Faye was silent.

~Shara & Faye

Alex’s face appeared in the comms. “Hang on, Shara… she’ll be okay. Just give her a sec.” He turned her in her chair to face him and looked at her. “Faye… look at me.” and he grabbed her chin and held her eyes to his. “Look at me, Commander.” he said in his Captain voice. “Breathe. Don’t think. Breathe. There is an explanation coming. Get your data first, then process. You know the drill. Data first. Look at me and repeat it. Data first, then process.” His voice was firm, but caring.

Inside, Micah was drying as Nadine washed. “So… how are you holding up? And you can be honest. You didn’t have another mom and a sister and I didn’t have a second step-daughter before this morning, so I can understand it being… ya know… a lot. I mean hell… I didn’t have a wife before yesterday.” and he laughed. He looked at her through his peripheral vision, gauging her response.

Micah and Alex

Nadine rinsed the soap off a dish before handing it to Micah, quietly contemplating. She wasn’t sure she’d allowed herself much processing yet, and she knew more would come later. “It’s so sad,” she said softly. “I kind of feel terrible for inserting her back into my life after everything she’s been through.” She stopped to gaze at Micah. “And you can tell me all you want that I shouldn’t feel that way but I do. I can understand why you were so cautious back in Portland and why you’re so protective of her. But here’s the thing Micah… I didn’t know what to expect when I started my search but I always knew there were threads of me that… I don’t know, were strong and resilient and a little worn. I can see myself in her and I didn’t expect that. And the more I see her, the more my heart breaks for her just a little more,” she said, eyes welling with tears as she plunged her hands back into the water to scrub another plate.


Micah smiled slightly as he dried. “Oh, I ain’t one to say you shouldn’t feel what you feel. And she’s had a hard road, that’s true. But here’s the thing about your mom… your sister, too… aw hell, and me…” and he laughed a short laugh, “We gotta have the hurdles. We gotta have the roadblocks and pressure and the things to push past and the load to carry. We don’t do well in the normal day-to-day. We get bored easily. We get restless. And then we gotta do something. So… here we are.” He put a plate away and then turned and looked at her fully.

“And honestly.... I wasn’t protecting her in Portland. I was protecting you. The life she and I have had, the lives we’ve lived… I had to be sure you were who you said you were. I had to know you were the real thing. And now I’m gonna say something that is gonna make you hate me or run scared or maybe just let you know where all of us are really at.” and he took a breath.

“I had to have a plan in place in case you were an imposter or someone trying to get at Sha. You’re not, and I am really happy that you are who you are because I like you and I like having you here. But if you had been someone or somthin’ else… well… that’d be the end of it.” and he took another plate form her hand and started drying.


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