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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) in Gadi’s Quarters

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Bethany started laughing. “It’s YOU!” She chuckled, and then drowned it in coffee. “No the hours don’t bother me. It’s just different, ya know. I’m in a room with two access points. It’s just…different. Don’t change your routine for me. Honestly, I’ll probably deal with it better knowing it’s you. I doubt much would get past either of us into the other’s room. I mean I know we’re on a ship with security and all that, but old habits.”
Gadi, CoS

Shara chuckled. “Indeed. As comfortable as the small ship feels to me, it’s much harder to hide things. People are nosy creatures and so we can forget keeping secrets for too long, though I will bust out techniques if I have to,” she said with a grin as she settled into a chair. “But seriously, my nighttime showers are not so much routine and a coping strategy. Nightmares. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.” She was open about the PTSD, and this was just a facet of it.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany rolled her shoulders, stretching a bit. “By all means, if it helps, even if only sometimes, don’t stop on my account. We are nothing if not adaptable, right?” Bethany was mulling over something, and finally decided to just bite the bullet as her mom would say. “Alright so I’m not askin’ for details, secrets, clearances, and all that. Just your opinion. After the staff meeting yesterday I wanted ta ask. This Pikelsimer fella, you obviously have had dealings of some kind with him. Can he be trusted? We all have our orders and objectives and some times they donna mesh. But he’s obviously good at what he does or he wouldna be the age he is. Which mean I’m not likely ta need to drag his butt out of the fire for something stupid. My gut tells me yes, but figured I’d ask.”

Gadi, CoS

“Micah’s good, solid,” Shara said without hesitation. “The man is a hero in every sense of the word, but would most likely shoot you if you tried to say it to his face. You can trust him,” she said, trying the mask the smile that wanted so desperately to escape. She sipped her coffee, hiding that temptation. He would be a steadying influence as things unfolded on this ship but she wasn’t yet sure how it would all shake out. After all, they knew better than to hold on too tightly. That would just drive the other away.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethy nodded. She’d used the man’s first name, so there was personal history there. Collegues that worked closely together often used first names, but when discussing professionally with others it was always back to rank or last names. So Bethy would go out on a limb and say Shara knew Pikelsimer well. Knowing what little she knew of Shara, and her own gut, Shara’s immediate answer was enough for her. Oh Bethany could make contacts and inquiries to find out more, but that was a waste of time and resources with the mission they were preparing for. T’Jal had drilled them to trust their gut, their instincts, their observations, and pay attention to the finer details when talking with people. So now she could put that concern away and focus on her primary job - ship’s security. “I appreciate the insight.” She took another swallow of the coffee, got up and topped it off. She held the pot up, “Would you like a top off?”

Gadi, CoS

“Mmm, please. Good coffee by the way,” she said as she held out her mug. “It’s about one of the few things I can make. Too bad you can’t live off of coffee,” she said with a chuckle.

“I wish you could. It would make things so much easier,” Bethany grinned while she ripped off Shara’s cup, and then passed it back. “Thanks, comes from the general store where I grew up. I always by huge amounts whenever I am able to get home.”

“Having had little in the way of resources a lot of my life, I just value any coffee that isn’t sludge,” Shara said with a laugh.

“Well you are welcome to come get some whenever you want.”

“So, what’s your first impression of the crew as a whole so far?” Shara asked.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany sipped the coffee thinking. “I think there is no cohesion. At the staff meeting there were some like you and I who knew exactly what to ask and then wait for the rest. Some who had no idea what to make of it and asked questions but didn’t ask the right ones. Others who new they needed to ask but didn’t because they didn’t know what to ask. We have some that are particularly, and legitimately freaked out. And only a hand full of us have the skill to pull this off. Then we have our ‘handlers’ who can’t tell us anything more so we will be losing valuable time on the way to the nebula.” Bethany shrugged once, “But that is the way it works, can’t do much about it. I think individually the senior staff is composed of good people, but I worry we haven’t had enough time together to make this mission successful.”
Gadi, CoS

She pondered this, bracing the heel of her right foot on the edge of the seat and her arm across her knee as she sipped the coffee. “I’d agree with that assessment. I’m going to have my work cut out for me getting people to where they need to be in order to pull this off, but the hesitation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You and I are used to saying, ‘Okay this is the mission’ and just going with it, but here we have a crew that’s not used to these kinds of stakes and sacrifice. Not that they haven’t had hard missions before, but it’s different. And we can use that to our advantage. They can still be hesitant but use that in their personas and interactions. But… it’s going to take some work and a whole hell of a lot of tough love I think. And I guess we’ll see who has the stamina for it pretty quickly.”

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany nodded, “Hesitation isn’t bad. But more the senior staff doesn’t know yet how to work off each other’s strengths and deficiencies. But being a rag tag groups of mutineers that might work in our favor. And not my job, but if you need help getting them in character let me know. I don’t know anyone well enough to know what is true or not. Might be good for them to know how easy it is for a stranger to figure it out.” Another sip, Gadi sat down, cross legged in the chair. “I am sure we’ll find out quickly. I spent a good portion last night reviewing my tactile officers…good but no one with any experience in improvising, making things work that shouldn’t. I know they gave us the choice to stay or go…but I’m not sure if all my officers even have the skill to handle the changes being made to the systems. Training and simulations. I will be hitting those hard.”
Gadi CoS

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