Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Micah finished up with the dishes and looked out the front windows at Vanessa. Hands in his pockets, he chewed his bottom lip. “Tell ya what…” and he looked back at Nadine. “You know how to make coffee? Real coffee, not replicated? If so, everything ya need is in that cupboard by the stove. Get a pot on, if you would. If not, I’ll do it when we come back. Make yourself ta home. I’m gonna go check on Sha.” and he walked out the front door.

“Okay,” Nadine said. Coffee wasn’t a problem, and while she was exceedingly curious about what call Shara had to make, she could make a few guesses, but also she understood that even if this was ultimately good, she was the interloper here, even if Micah had been the one to seek her out. She understood that she was shaking a whole lot of dynamics up and they were going to have to process it all.

A few moments later, he put an arm around his wife and said “Easy, wife… easy… its gonna be ok. It will. Just give it some time. This is just the first day… gonna take some adjustments on all our parts to get this worked out. Shhhh…” and he rocked her gently.


Shara turned into Micah, and her sobs became audible, as if she didn’t dare let the full force of her emotions out while she was on her own. Safe in the arms of her husband, Shara broke down. And it wasn’t pretty. All the years of repressed emotions around the subject of her first child and she was once again feeling it all. But more than that was that look on Faye’s face. She had hurt her, terribly and there was nothing she could do or say to fix that. And all she could do was hope she hadn’t broke her daughter the way she had broken herself.

But Nadine was still inside. Damn it all to hell! She had to pull herself together, but it was so hard. She hadn’t felt like this since that time on Voyager when the loss of Tracken, and therefore Faye and Edward, had finally hit her. This wasn’t so different, but at least she was still amongst loved ones. “I hurt her,” Shara said between sobs. “I never meant to.”

~Shara & Nadine

Micah held her tight and said “No… you didn’t. The situation hurt her. And she’ll recover, and you two will be fine. I know it. Now go get washed up and go talk to your other daughter. She’s scared she’s wrecked something by showing up. And you and I both know that ain’t true. So go… talk to her. Tell her what happened. I’ll shut all this down and come right in. Go, hun…”


But Shara felt paralyzed. She couldn’t move. “I can’t…” she whispered, not even sure which part was she was responding to. She couldn’t even get out of her seat. reaching out , she sought Micah’s hand and when she found it, squeezed it. He was so confident it would be okay and maybe it would. But she felt drained. She was definitely glad that she didn’t drink too much wine with dinner otherwise he head would be spinning right now.

Sitting more upright, she gazed at Micah, tears still streaking her face. “It’s not just the having a sister she didn’t know about, Micah. It’s everything. It’s you and I eloping and not including her. It’s learning Gavin was her sponsor. I keep throwing family at her and I think she’s having a hard time trusting that. Think about it! She’s lost all her family, at one point or another. She’s learning to hold on to the ones she brings into her life by her own choice, but this is different. We’ve both had everything ripped away from us and then told we’re supposed to just carry on. It makes letting more people in harder.” But even as the words came out she knew Faye was lightyears ahead in that process than she was. Their fears were both legitimate but Shara was only just confronting hers.


Micah looked at her and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “She lost everyone… so did you. And she’s doing much better… and so are you. But sometimes progress hurts… and right now you are hurting because you’ve made progress. Now… go on. I got secret-police-super-spy stuff to take care of, dammit. Scoot. Go see your daughter.” He squeezed her hand and helped her stand, and then waited for her to leave Vanessa.

Trembling still, Shara rose to her feet. Another inhale, but with that breath everything in her stilled once again. She exhaled slowly aloud, letting the tension roll out of her yet again. She kissed his cheek and left the ship.

He called the Manhattan.


Inside, Shara found Nadine pouring a cup of coffee. “Want some?” Nadine asked.

Shara smiled. “Yeah, thanks,” she said. Nadine poured a mugful and handed it to Shara.

“You okay?” Nadine asked quietly.

Well that was the question, wasn’t it. “Rollercoaster,” Shara said, all but rolling her eyes and making Nadine smile. “I called Faye and told her about this all.”

“Ahh. And.... how did that go over?”

Shara sipped from her mug. “More or less how I expected actually. To begin with, Faye has a very high IQ. But she also has Borderline Personality Disorder. It means that when she’s overwhelmed, she struggles a lot and it can make interactions difficult. And not only are you news to her, but I only just told her about Micah and I getting married earlier today, so…”

“Wow,” Nadine said with a laugh.

“Give her time. It’s all we can do,” Sahara said, inhaling another calming breath before gesturing with her head. “Come on, let’s go sit and we can talk some more.”

“Can you tell me more about my sister? If we’re ever to have a relationship, I’d like to understand better.”

“Yeah, “Shara said with a nod as they moved into the great room again.

~Shara & Nadine

The comms connected and Micah could tell Faye was not happy to see his face. It… hurt him a little… and that surprised him, but he kept his face passive. Micah looked at her and smiled a knowing smile. He took a breath and said “Hey. How are you holding up?”


“You’re all doing in my head right now. You get that, right?” Faye said as she sank back into the chair at the desk. Tess immediately jumped up, her fluffy tail blocking Micah’s view for a moment.

Faye braced her elbows on the desk and spread her hands out, looking off elsewhere. She shook her head, not trusting her words right now.


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