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Siadra simply nodded knowingly while smiling at her friend. She knew that this kind of event was not exactly his cup of tea, which meant that she felt even more grateful that he had come and hadn’t found an excuse to stay away.

“Here here,” Paddy replied before leaning into the Ops Chief and added, “Won’t be much longer I imagine,” he winked.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Bethany arrived late and she hated that, but there wasn’t much she could do about it. The computer hadn’t forwarded the information to her and it was actually while she was playing around getting used to the ship’s AI that it asked her if shew as going to attend the dinner. She had had no idea what it was talking about. She requested a copy of the original invite and already late, she arrived in what she had been wearing. Her layered red hair was loose and hung to between her shoulder blades. She was wearing dark wash blue jeans, hiking boots, a peach colored blouse and a well worn short waisted black leather jacket. Bethany reached the door and rang the chime.
Lt Cmdr Gadi, CoS

“The door is open!” came the First Officer’s warm and welcoming voice from the other side as the door slipped open in front of Bethany.

With her daughter still clinging to her side, Siadra moved a little closer to the door and greeted the new CoS with a warm smile. “Welcome Commander, it’s good to see you.”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

Bethany stepped and smiled gently at the small child. It must be strange to move from place to place, and being a small ship Asimov wasn’t likely to have a lot of children on board. “Thank you Cmdr Enai. I apologize for being late. The message didn’t get forwarded to me with the roster shift. The AI was nice enough to inform me.” She chuckled. So far she was having a great time learning to work with the ship’s AI.
Lt Cmdr Gadi, CoS

Si’Rek nodded to the new CoS. He had hoped she had been able to get settled, and as OPs Chief he had had to argue to get some of her belongings off the dock but finally managed. He approached the officer and said “Welcome aboard. I am Lieutenant Commander Si’Rek, Operations. I hope you found everything acceptable when you arrived. There was a small mixup with some of your things, but I believe that is sorted now.” and he held out a gray-green-blue colored hand.

Si’Rek, Ops

“Lt Cmdr Bethany Gadi. But you can call me Bethany or Bethy. Never have been able to get used to being called by my last name. It’s nice to meet you Lt Cmdr Si’Rek.” Bethany took his hand and shook it firmly and then laughed. “I am so sorry. I seem to cause all kinds of issues for operations. It’s been the same on my last two posting. I’ve almost resigned myself to it. I swear if I was an engineer I would think a gremlin was following me around. Everything seems to be in order and nothing was damaged so I’m relieved about that.” The crate that had caused all the problems was her computer and specialized electronic equipment. Normally that equipment stayed in her shuttle but the Athena wasn’t staying with her this time so she’d had to transfer it. Unable to be scanned and creating static malfunctions in the scanning equipment tended to bother people. “I appreciate the effort you went to. I owe you one.” She glanced around at the assembled, “So I missed the memo, what’s the occasion?”
Gadi, CoS

“I do believe this is what they might call a shindig where I’m from, held just because people could,” Shara said shooting the XO a grin.

Bethany laughed, “Back home we’d call it a hootenanny.”

Shara grinned. Good, people who didn’t take themselves to seriously.

“That’s exactly what this is. And an opportunity for all of us to get to know each other better. Outside of the context of our duties,” Siadra nodded.

Taking in the new Chief of Security, the older woman offered her her hand. “Shara Calloway, Chief Intelligence Officer. I suspect you and I are going to be working together quite a bit.”

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany shook her hand. “Bethany Gadi, Security chief. I believe we will. We’ll have to make some time to swap notes.” Bethany had several points she wanted to run by the intel chief, but they could wait for now. But it would make their lives easier to go over it.
Gadi, CoS

“Absolutely,” Shara said with a nod before looking over at Siadra. “So, how’s this dinner thing working? Need us to do anything?” A communal meal meant everyone did their part… at least that was how she had learned it when she finally learned what community was. Small ships were small communities too.

Commander Calloway, CIO

“Other than to help yourself to something to eat and to drink: No,” Siadra replied with a warm smile. “But thank you for asking. Everything I’ve prepared, well replicated really,” she grinned a little sheepishly, “Is easy to eat while standing or sitting somewhere that isn’t at a table. So we can sit down at the dinner table or everyone sit or stands as and where they feel comfortable. I want this to be informal and for everyone to be able to relax as much as possible.”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

Shara snorted. “I just came from a long R&R. This is about as relaxed as I get and I’m going to enjoy it.” She moved over to the spread and simply started putting small amounts on her plate. She grabbed the glass of whiskey the counsellor had poured for her and took up a spot on the floor again without fuss.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Senek, the CMO and newest addition to the senior staff, had just arrived, unfortunately late due to something that required her attention in the medical bay. As she took a seat wherever available, she said “I apologize for my tardiness.”

~ Lt Senek, CMO

Sara walked over to greet Senek. “Glad you’re here Lieutenant. I’m Captain Kiernan.” She extended a hand.

-Sara Kiernan

“Lieutenant Senek,” replied the Vulcan, giving the Captain a handshake. It was a greeting she didn’t particularly understand, but appeared necessary in human society.

~ Lt Senek, CMO

The Takaren Ops Chief walked over and looked at the CMO. “Lieutenant Commander Si’Rek. A pleasure.” Unlike the humans, he did not extend a hand; but simply inclined his head slightly in the Vulcan’s direction.

Si’Rek, Ops

Senek gave the Ops Chief a nod as a respectful greeting. “To you as well.”

Liara finally detached herself from her mother’s leg again and even though she knew very well that she should have something else first, she grabbed one of the brownies Shara had brought and took a small bite. Of course Siadra saw that, but decided that it was okay to make an exception tonight. Having only cake for dinner once wouldn’t do her any harm after all. So she didn’t say anything and filled a plate with some food for herself instead. All the while she kept an eye on Liara and to her surprise she saw her walk towards Shara and sit down on the floor in front of her so that she was looking straight at her.

Pointing with a slightly chocolatey finger at the guitar case, Liara asked, “What is in there?”

For a brief moment Siadra watched her daughter intently as a smile started to spread across her face. Inhaling deeply, she turned around and crossed the small distance towards Lieutenant Senek. “Good evening Lieutenant,” she greeted her with a slight bow of her head. “It’s good you could make it.”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO & Liara

“Thank you, Commander,” Senek said, nodding. “It’s a good opportunity to meet everyone.”

Shara smiled at the girl and leaned back, pulling the soft case towards her. “This is a Terran guitar. Folks style, though really you can play whatever you like on whatever style instrument. it’s just the kind of sound that comes out that changes.” She moved her plate just slightly behind her and unzipped the case. “And this instrument is very special, because it’s survived a lot. It survived five of my seven years in the Delta Quadrant on the USS Voyager and I’ve lugged it with me around the galaxy ever since.” Shara brought the guitar into her lap. “Go ahead and gently pluck one of the strings, though wipe your fingers first,” she said with a wink.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Si’Rek moved over and said “And your mouth, tor’qe.” and he smiled and handed her a napkin. He looked at Calloway and said “That is a long journey for such an instrument. Impressive.”

Si’Rek, Ops

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Seemingly without thinking about it, Liara put the brownie onto the floor and then took the napkin from Si’Rek as she looked up at him. “Thank you Si’Rek,” she smiled and then carefully wiped her hands and then her mouth before putting the napkin down on the floor as well. Leaning slightly forward, she looked a little hesitantly up to Shara as if to make sure that it was really okay for her to touch the instrument. Taking a deep breath, her tongue sticking ever so slight out between her lips, she placed her right index finger on the top most and gave it a tiny pull. Just enough so that a soft sound could be heard. Her eyes grew wide and so did her smile. She even giggled a little before asking out of the blue, “Have you been in many places? Which one was your favourite? What did you do in the Delta Quadrant?”


Disinterested in the instrument, but wanting to seem pleasant, Senek watched the girl pluck the string gently, remaining quiet herself.

~ Lt Senek, CMO

Shara smiled easily at the intense curiosity from Liara. She was so much like Faye that way. But the questions- just like a child to ask such weighty things with such ease. “So many places I’ve lost count, and I’ve liked a lot of places, but my favourite was the place where my girl was born. Prettiest little colony I’ve ever been. As for the Delta Quadrant, well, the first time I went there was an accident and we spent years trying to get home.”

Commander Calloway, CIO

The expression on Liara’s face shifted from a smile to wide-eyed wonder at the thought of spending years to get back home. And then a small crease appeared between her eyebrows and she looked a little confused when she asked, “I do you go to the Delta Quadrant by accident? It’s so far away!”


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