Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted Sept. 10, 2021, 4:18 p.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

Posted by Civilian Micah Pikelsimer (Federation Security Agent) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home


Micah smiled and looked around as his hands worked the log. “My family has lived in these parts for… hell… four hundred years? Maybe five? Since before the Civil War of the United States, thats for sure. We’ve always lived off the land, using what nature gives us and holding it in trust for the next generation. My mom and dad taught us kids what they had been taught. Thats why I was damn sure my brothers and sisters weren’t gonna get their hands on this place. They had their way, we’d be standing here in an automated kiosk buying parfaits or some shit. Me and the folks around us, we love this place. Don’t want it to see it disturbed. So… we make sure the outside world stays right there… outside. We have the odd convenience or so of course. Comms, food storage, power… that kinda stuff. Otherwise? Not much different than when my great-great-great grandparents lived here.”

“I can see why you are protective of it and why you were uneasy bringing me here,” she said knowingly. Even if Shara herself had been the point of his concern, Nadine knew enough that if was a big deal for him to allow her to be here at all.

He finished filling the bag and said “Now let’s see what we can find herb-wise to kick up dinner a notch, shall we?” and he grinned and started walking.


Nadine grinned as she walked with him. “All I know about herbs are what I grow in my windowsill. Never had to forage for them, but that salad Shara gathered for dinner yesterday was really lovely.”

Sudden’y she burst out laughing. “I can just imagine someone wandering around tasting things. I mean, think about it. At some point someone had to experiment and taste something to see if it was edible or not. Can you imagine what that process was like?”


“Or…” and Micah shrugged, “… they learned by watching the world around them. Eat what the animals eat, go where they go and don’t wander off in places you wouldn’t even find a snake. But yeah… I’m sure there was some experimentation. Who was it… Jonathan Swift. He said ‘He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.’. Pretty spot on right there, I think.” and he laughed.


She chuckled. “Agreed.” Nadine stopped and crouched, eyeing a plant with broad and tender green leaves. “Hey, I don’t know what this is but I think it looks like one of the things in Shara’s salad,” she said, pulling stuff around it away so her could see it easily to identify.


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