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“14,” Paddy said with a sort of whistful grin, “It was an… interesting period in my life. Deanna Troi from the Enterprise came to visit a lot of the crews of the ships that got destroyed at Wolf 359, so I picked up a bit from her.” Paddy sipped at the coffee on his desk.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“That’s quite impressive,” Enai replied and then contemplated McMillan for another moment in silence. “So tell me, what are your strength and weaknesses? Both in general and when it comes to everything with regard to your position as ship’s counsellor?” she asked curiously, while watching his body language and keeping a tab on his emotions as well.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

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Paddy lent forward slightly, crossing his arms across his chest, ‘I like to think I’m a strong judge of character, it’s part of the reason my Mother wanted me to go into Counselling. In terms of weaknesses, well, maybe I become connected to clients too quickly?’

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

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Siadra nodded a little, making a mental note of his answers, but didn’t respond to it. After all, not everything needed to be commented on. And the question had been more about whether or not he was able to actually name strengths and weaknesses and less about what those actually were. Unless it was something concerning, which she didn’t think was the case. Though of course it all depended on what that quick connection to his patients looked like and if it turned into a hindrance from to perform his duties as needed. But only time would tell. So instead she asked, “What are your plans for, let’s say, your first hundred days on this ship?”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

“Well, as you can see,” Paddy said, gesturing to the large pile of PADDs on his spare desk, “I am already working on getting as many appointments with the crew as I can before we head out on our next mission. So far so good, but still have a long way to go! What about you Commander, where do you see yourself in one hundred days’ time?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“As Counsellors we always have our work cut out for us, don’t we?” Siadra replied with a soft chuckle as she eyed the stack of PaDDs on his desk. Of course she wasn’t the ship’s Counsellor anymore, but the First Officer and she was working on shifting her mindset. Of course, therein lay one of her many tasks for the first one hundred days. “There are a number of things I want to do or at the very least start working on in the next couple of months. Getting assigned here happened in a rush as Command wanted the new XO to head the rescue mission. So I want to familiarise myself in more detail with the ship and her specs than I have been able to do so far. I already started reviewing the files of everyone aboard and had a few one on one meetings with members of the crew. Senior staff only so far. I want to familiarise myself with everyone’s files and what’s more, I want to meet each and every person on board this ship. In that regard it is good that the Asimov is a small ship. And with regard to my personal life: I have to figure out Liara’s education and who would be able to keep an eye on her if I can’t. When he isn’t on duty I know that Si’Rek will always be happy to spend time with her and Li adores him. And you and Commander Calloway have offered to help as well. But the thing is, in emergency situations all four of us will be needed. So, yeah, something I need to figure out sooner rather than later.” A soft sigh escaped her lips as a crease appeared between her eyebrows and her eyes filled with worry.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

Paddy nodded warmly and continued, “You’re not the only one who’s keen to learn the background of the Asimov Commander, I wouldn’t mind getting to grips with the engineering side in my spare time, you never know when it might come in handy after all.”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

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