Calloway's Quarters - A shoulder to lean on? Someone to vent to?

Posted Sept. 13, 2021, 4:38 p.m. by Commander Siadra Enai (Executive Officer) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters - A shoulder to lean on? Someone to vent to?

Posted by Commander Siadra Enai (Executive Officer) in Calloway’s Quarters - A shoulder to lean on? Someone to vent to?


“And you have every right to be angry. I’m angry too and I know other’s are as well. And I, too, feel bound by my sense of duty to stay here. Not that that changes anything or makes it easier. But speaking for myself: It helps a little knowing that I’m not the only one feeling this way,” Siadra replied grimly. Turning her gaze away from Shara for a brief moment, she refilled her glass again and took a small sip. She rarely had more than a glass of wine or two. And even that didn’t happen often. So she was sure that she was going to regret this in the morning, but right now she just didn’t care. Lowering her glass onto her lap, she added, “I guess the first thing we both have to answer is: What are we going to do with that anger?”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

“Stuff it down somewhere deep so I can keep a clear head. Micah’s here, so that probably won’t work entirely, but I’m sixty-five years old Sidara. I’m not some young rookie who doesn’t know better. And the work I’ve done before? There are exactly two people on this ship currently who even have a clue. I know this whole shtick. I’ve done more difficult missions. I can’t speak for others, but tucking the emotions away and compartmentalizing is the only way that I can maintain a sense of objectivity. It’s the only way I did it with my daughter, and yes, it means I can seem cold and heartless. But better that than falling to pieces at a terrible time.” But those where the things she could control. The rest? Shara had no idea.

~Commander Calloway, CIO

Siadra nodded thoughtfully and silently. She wanted to say something. Felt like she should say something. But she didn’t know what. It was almost as if her mind had gone blank. Or maybe she was just to wrapped up in her own concerns and worries, her own emotions to say and do what she should; both as a First Officer and a trained psychologist with years of experience. So she remained silent, lost in her own mind, while staring at the glass in her hand.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

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