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As teh Asimov was docked and tethered into place, the crew going to the meeting inside made their way to the docking hatch. As the hatch hissed open; a warm, dry air cane into the ship. Outside stood three figures in civilian attire… but with phaser rifles on their shoulders. A Bajoran and two Humans nodded as the hatch revealed the crew of the Asimov, and one of the Humans said “Welcome to Crantaken Station, you guys. Nice to have visitors. My name is Chad Brosnick, and I’m the head of the Security detail sent to escort you to the meeting. Before we go inside, though, there are a few things you need to know. First and foremost, do not leave the group. Until you are deemed a non-threat by the station, you have to be escorted at all times. If you try and wander off… well… it will at least be painful, if not outright deadly. Part of the charm of the station, I’m afraid. Two, no scanning or activating of anything more than your commbadges. The station reacts strongly to anyone it doesn’t know trying to figure it out. And lastly, don’t eat or drink anything outside of the designated cafeterias and domiciles. It won’t hurt you, but it will taste like the worst thing you can imagine. Any questions?”


Shara couldn’t help but smirk. “I take it being armed is out too, right?” she said simply. She had concealed weapons on her and if they had beamed over it unlikely they would have been allowed to materialize with her. But she’s been silly to not even try. On the other hand, she might have gotten away with not saying anything but given the high surveillance they were under she figured they’d confiscate it all in a moment anyway.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Chad laughed slightly. “Aw, no… armed is okay. I kinda figured you’d all be armed anyway. Yeah, no worries.”

“Oh good, so it really is a party!” Calloway exclaimed. “See, all we need is a few mickeys of something interesting to drink and someone crooning quietly in the back corner and we’re set!”

Paddy leaned into whoever could hear him and whispered, “Talk about a warm welcome.” He fell into step behind Calloway, waiting to be introduced.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

One of the ‘guards’, the Bajoran, looked at McMillan and smiled. Apparently, he heard the statement even though it was whispered, and said “Oh, don’t stress it. These things are for the nynats, not you guys.” and he laughed as he patted the rifle.


If the others were put off at all, Shara was actually grinning because these were her kind of people. But of course she was taking in every details of them and their surroundings. After all, she had a job to do and it wouldn’t be wise to drop her guard too much. Or at all.

Commander Calloway, CIO

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