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Bethany left the transporter room on deck 4 down to deck six and walked into the medical bay. She stopped the first medical officer she saw, “Lt Cmdr Gadi. I’m here for my onboarding physical. Is there anyone available?” It was small ship which meant a small crew and so she was pretty sure there would be someone, but if not she’d make an appointment and return later.
Lt Cmdr Gadi, CoS


A nurse came over and said “The doctor is busy at the moment, but I can take you to a bed and take your vitals, if you’ll just follow me.”

-NE Nurse

“Thank you,” Bethany smiled at the nurse and followed them over to the biobed and hopped up, sitting still, and breathing deeply while the nurse took her vitals. (OOC her vitals should all show normal, unless you want to have some fun, and I’m okay with that.)

Gadi, CoS

The nurse scanned Bethany, a little longer than is typical. “Are you feeling anxious at all? Your heart rate and blood pressure are just a bit high. Nothing really alarming, just worth noting.”

-NE Nurse

Hmmm that was a bit concerning. Bethany was trained to keep herself calm and poised. She supposed she wasn’t happy about leaving her shuttle and Luna behind, but oh well. It was part of the job. She took a deep breath using a simple Vulcan technique to calm and center herself. A technique her mentor had taught her. “Just excitement at a new posting probably. That’s never happened before, though. Not unless I’m working out.”

Gadi, CoS

The nurse smiled gently. “I understand. I’m probably being over cautious, but you can never be too safe with someone’s health.” She packed up her tricorder. “Well if it’s just new assignment emotions, it’s nothing. If you start feeling any symptoms though, come back in right away.”

-NE Nurse

Bethany nodded, “No worries there. I can’t do my job very well if I can’t chase down the bad guys, right?” Maybe over cautious, maybe not. Bethany would make sure to pay extra attention to how she was feeling. If the ‘new assignment’ feeling didn’t give way by the end of the day tomorrow, she’d come back.

Gadi, CoS

The nurse chuckled. She smiled kindly. “We’re here to make sure you can chase down the bad guys. Feel free to stop by any time. I can only apologize that all the doctors are occupied right now, but I’m pleased to help you out anytime.”

-NE Nurse

Bethany smiled, “I don’t mind waiting. Thank you for your help, nurse. I do appreciate it.”

Gadi, CoS

“Let me see if I can shake a Doctor loose for you.” The Nurse moved off to find someone to help out.

  • NE Nurse

Senek had just finished with a small “emergency”. It was, in reality, a hypochondriac officer who frequently caused a nuisance in the Sickbay. But just to be thorough, each time, she’d run him a scan, hoping that one day he’d stop coming unless something was actually wrong. As she finished, a nurse had come up to her, explaining that the CoS was waiting. And so, she made that her next stop, as she found and approached Gadi. “I apologize for the wait. I am Lieutenant Senek,” said the Vulcan, a woman of about 5’1’’, with dark, glossy brown hair.

~ Lt Senek, CMO

Gadi nodded her head politely. And held her hand up in a traditional Vulcan salute, “Peace and Long Life, Dr.”

“It would be illogical for me to be offended by you doing your job, doctor. I am Lt Cmdr Gadi.”

Gadi CoS

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