Callahan's arrival

Posted Sept. 19, 2021, 10:12 p.m. by Lieutenant Harrison Callahan (Security Officer/Helm) (Terry Sullivan)

The hum of the USS Asimov’s transporter began and a few moments later, Lt. Harrison Callahan, the ship’s newest security AND hem officer materialized. As he stepped off the transporter pad, he was greeted politely by the transporter chief.

“Welcome aboard the USS Asimov, Lt.” The mann stepped from behind the console and handed Callahan a PADD. “All your gear arrived just a while ago and has been delivered to your quarters on deck 4, which is noted on the PADD. On there you’ll also find appointments for your boarding. First up is checking in with the COS. That would be Lt. Cmdr. Gadi. After that, your psych eval with the CNS, Lt. McMillan, and then report to sickbay for your physical. If you need any help getting around, I can assign someone to be your guide.”

Harrison accepted the PADD and glanced over its contents as the the chief spoke. Smiling, he replied, “That won’t be necessary, Chief, my last posting was on the Brave, also a Brazen class. But thanks, all the same.”

Harrison nodded and exited the the room, on his way to meet with his new boss.

Lt. Callahan (Sec/Hem)

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