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Rovan stepped out of his quarters, fresh from arriving and seeing to his kit, Uniform newly donned adjusted the cuffs as he made his way towards his designated check in with the XO of the Asimov.

Most of the last couple of years had been spent as a Helm Officer, although he was one of the rare men with qualifications in such varied area’s as Security, Operations and Engineering as well as Helm and Pilot experience. This however was a new experience, Chief Engineer of his very own Starship, well, one that seated more than one person anyway.

He had had to leave his own ship, the Serenity behind, it wouldn’t fit in a Brazens shuttle bay. He missed her, especially on the flight over to the Starbase before arriving here but she would be waiting for him.

Reaching the XO’s Office, he hit the chime and waited. Small ship, small crew, combat ship. After his time working with the Ktarians a few years back, these small ships suited him just fine.

Rovan Moor, CE

Almost instantly a voice from the other side of the door called, “Enter.”

With the door sliding aside almost instantly, Rovan automatically stepped forwards and into the room, then paused. To any casual observer Rovan still had the relaxed dashing confidence of a fighter pilot, a good one. To anyone that looked closer lines of care and concern could now be seen around his eyes, showing an age of experience that many fighter pilots never reached. In their world, their careers ended quickly and their were seldom any second chances. Rovan had earned his.

Rovan would find himself in an office that - at least furniture-wise - looked like a very standard office. Even the half unpacked moving box was probably to be expected considering that Siadra had arrived not too long ago herself. Two large, framed photos were resting against one of the walls, clearly waiting to be put up. A few mementos were scattered on the coffee table. In fact the only thing that definitely seemed to have found a permanent home was a picture frame on her desk that opened like a book. One half held an image of Liara in a ballet outfit and the other held one of Kaileni and a very pregnant Siadra; a photo that also had a place on a side table in her quarters. The other noticeable thing was that there were a few toys scattered around the room.

Part of his pause was that of letting his yellow eyes quickly take stock of the room. The half unpacked moving box, pictures in the process of going on the wall and other nick nacks. Toys scattered around, and the XO sitting on the floor.

Looking up from where she was sitting on the floor next to her, Siadra said, “Welcome aboard, Lieutenant Moor, right? And please excuse the chaos. My office doesn’t usually look like this.” Rising to her feet, she gestured towards the chairs in front of her desk while lightly touching Liara’s curly head. “Please have a seat,” she said as she settled down behind the desk herself.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

“I am Lieutenant Moor indeed, Commander Enai, thank you.” Rovan answered smoothly and took a seat in one of the chairs indicated, at the same time giving the young girl a smile of greeting as well, while he removed a toy from the seat in the moment before he sat down.

Liara looked up from her toys and gave Rovan a shy smile before picking up the old tricorder of her mother Leni that Si’Rek had given her shortly after their arrival on the Asimov.

“No need to excuse any chaos Commander. I’ve become pretty familiar with this kind of chaos myself.” He let a wide grin show as he placed a small data PaDD on the desk in front of him. “My Transfer orders, assigning me to the Asimov as Chief Engineer and requesting I present myself to the Executive Officer after stowing my kit.”

Lt Moor, CE

“Thank you for understanding, Lieutenant,” Siadra replied with a smile as she reached for the PaDD and skimmed through it. After a few moments she looked up, her expression a little apologetically as she asked, “My apologies, I forgot to offer: Can I get you anything from the replicator?”

~Cmdr. Enai, XO & Liara

“No, thank you. I had a light meal shortly before arriving.” He looked over to Liara and the old piece of equipment she was holding, then back to the XO. “The Asimov is a little smaller than I’m used to. Most of my time has been spent on carriers, albeit as a pilot mostly rather than an Engineer but time rolls on and my piloting days are mostly past.”

Lt Moor, CE

Siadra nodded and smiled softly. “How are you and your family settling in so far? And how are you settling into being parents? If I remember correctly your twins were born about a month ago?” she asked with genuine interest, while hoping that she didn’t sound nose or was overstepping. Not to mention that she had to actively remind herself that the questions she was supposed to ask as First Officer were at least slightly different from those she’d ask during a boarding evaluation while she was a Counsellor.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

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