Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Shara snorted. “Not quite. Admiral Jackass tried very hard to convince me I didn’t know better. Kept calling me Agent Calloway and I kept interrupting him to say ‘NO Agent here’. He was playing ignorant. But Admiral Greyson”-she looked to Nadine-“my supervisor for the last couple of years, she was the one who finally put him in his place and defended my decision to keep out of field work. And when we finally got that nonsense over with, we got to the reason we needed the meeting in the first place: my new assignment.” Shara a broke into a grin. “You’re looking at the Chief Intelligence Officer of an itty bitty battleship. Small crew, a ship with teeth, and a position where I keep more or less typical Starfleet hours and am not required to undergo cosmetic surgery on a regular basis.”

Micah looked at her and grinned, but there was some melancholy hints to it. “Starship duty, huh? Well I hope they give that poor crew ample warning you are coming.” and he chuckled.

“And deprive them of sneaky arrival? Bite your tongue!” Shara said with a grin.

“Surgery?” Nadine said even as she chided herself for being surprised.

Shara laughed. “I never went undercover with my own face unless there was a particular reason. And I’ve had many hairstyles and colours over the years. “I have to say, I did always enjoy pointed ears though. You get used to them.”

~Shara & Nadine

“Was never a fan. Made wearing hats a real pain in the ass.” Micah remarked. “But forehead ridges? Oh yeah…” and he shot a naughty look at Shara, “… those can make role playing a hell of a lot of fun.” and he laughed and then his eyes went to the line. “Oh… hello…” he said softly as he felt a small tug.

Shara grinned and Nadine just looked between them and shook her head. Nope, she didn’t want to know. As much as she was enjoying finding out these two as a couple and individuals, she had her boundaries.

He was silent a moment and then suddenly he yanked back on the rod as the tip of the pole bent forward. “Fish on!” he yelled and began reeling and working the rod back and forth. Soon, he moved out into the water and lifted up a beautiful brown trout. He grinned at the two women and said “Well, I got my dinner. Dunno what you guys are eating.” and he laughed.


“I made sandwiches for lunch. Worse comes to worse, I won’t starve,” Shara said easily.

Nadine wasn’t sure fishing was for her, but she was giving a proper go. But so far, no luck. “I might have to join you,” she said wryly.

Enjoying the breeze that rustled the leaves n the trees nearby, Shara decided she’d let her tiny little bomb drop. “I made another call before I left to meet up with you both. I called Curtis. Seemed to me that it was only fair to give him a heads up that you may or may not be contacting him. I told him it was your decision but I felt I owed him at least the knowledge that a daughter he never knew he had had shown up.”

Nadine’s jaw dropped slightly, but at the same time, her eyes were focused on her fishing line as she tried to figure out if she was upset or not. It was logical, what Shara hd done, and probably fair too, but it opened a door she wasn’t sure she was ready to deal with just yet.

~Shara & Nadine

Micah looked from one woman to the other as he threaded the stringer through the fish’s mouth and out the gills before placing it gently back in the water. “So… how’d that go?” he asked as he recast his line and moved slightly closer to Nadine.


Shara nodded slowly and a slight smile came to her face. “You know, I might have a lot of hangups about my life on Midos and all the crap that went down, but the one thing I never regretted was Curtis. there were days I was damn well pissed that he made the right decision for him, and so did I, and t meant that I was on my own, but…” She took in Micah and then Nadine “No matter what you do, what you decide, know this: Curtis Allen is the definition of good people. I know this because he apparently still see my brother now and again when he’s home from leave,- which is a whole other beast of a topic- but while he was definitely surprised by the news that had did in fact have a daughter, he just said, ‘Huh, I had wondered in the back of my head, but it seemed wrong to ask when I didn’t even know where you were these days. How is she Shar. She okay? Our girl?’” Tears instantly sprang to her eyes and she blew out a breath. “It was a complicated situation and hard all around, he’s a good guy, Nadine, and there are worse people you could invite in your life. He’s married, has a couple kids himself. So… I know Faye was perhaps expected, but nonetheless a surprise. But kid, you got yourself a complicated and complex big ole family,” she said, smiling. Looking out over the water, a small tiny weight was unstitched from her oft-burdened shoulders and gently shrugged off.

Nadine nodded and looked at Micah. “What say you? He clean on your end?” she said knowingly. Of course she doubted Shara would have let him know a single detail if she hadn’t vetted Curtis herself, but still, Micah seemed the kind to not leave anything to chance when it came to those he cared about.


“Engineering professor at the university there on Midos. Owns the house across the street from the one his parents live in. Married, two kids, both grown and married as well. No criminal record, no questionable contacts, no illicit or hidden hobbies. Volunteers with a foundation providing clean water systems on impoverished planets. Season tickets to the local ballet that he takes his wife to. No mistresses, no blood sports, no gambling. In short… boring as hell. Wouldn’t invite him to the card table. Probably put me to sleep by the third hand.” and he grinned at Nadine.


Nadine grinned and Shara laughed loudly. “Yeah, he’s a sweet guy, but the way I see it, even if we had tried to make it work together, we’d have driven the other away in some way and it all would have ended up messy. I don’t know, this feels like a good outcome.”

“Do you think I should contact him?” Nadine asked, inhaling audibly.

“I think you should trust your gut, just like you did when Micah showed up to tell you I in fact existed,” Shara said. “But I think we both know the not knowing would be something you’d regret. No one is saying you have to have a relationship with him if you don’t want to, but I think he’s worth knowing and he can tall you all my terrible high school stories I won’t,” she said with a wink.

~Shara & Nadine

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