Callahan meets the COS

Posted Sept. 24, 2021, 1:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Harrison Callahan (Security Officer/Helm) in Callahan meets the COS
Harrison made his way from the shuttle bay on deck one to the Brig/Armory on deck 4. It was there the computer told him he’d find the Security chief, Lt. Cmdr. Gadi. He had done his research, so he knew she was half-Betazoid, which came in handy if you were in security. The question was how strong her empathic abilities were. Again, that was something he’d have to find out.

Bethany was watching the security feeds in her office and switched over to the shuttle bay thread when she was alerted to the emanate landing of a shuttle. Jones and Vyheric were on duty in the bay. They were solid officers, but had never worked together. The security teams were a little to used to each other so Bethany had made it a point to switch up partners. “Jora.” “Yes Lt Cmdr Gadi?” came the voice of the ship’s AI. No one had bothered to name it and Gadi knew from experience it was better to have a separate call recognition for the AI compared to the basic computer. Making request with ‘computer’ could have disasterous results when you wanted a simulation but the AI answered and skipped the simulation. “Confirm bio signs of passenger disembarking in the shuttle bay.” =/\=Biosigns confirm Lt Harrison Callahan, assigned USS Asimov to security detail and helm.=/\= “Authorize and Activate security clearance level 2 for Lt Callahan.” =/\=Confirmed security clearance level 2 for Lt Callahan.=/\= “Thank you, Jora.”

His security clearance had been activated the moment he arrived, so accessing the security center was not a problem. Stepping into the center, he held out his hand and introduced himself to the NE on guard duty.

“NE Wesson, right? I’m Lt. Callahan, newest member of the team,” he began.

“Correct, Lt. Welcome to the Wolverine’s security team. Commander Gadi’s expecting you. Said to send you in as soon as you got here.”

“Thanks,” was all Callahan said in reply as he moved through the center to the COS’ office.

Bethany had gone back to watching feed of the previous night’s patrol and whatever it was that she saw had her shaking her head and giving the impression that she was muttering internally to herself. They were never going to be ready for this upcoming mission like that. It wasn’t that they didn’t have the skills, training, or capability, they just simply didn’t have the right mindset drilled into them. She had very very little time to get them there. What was command thinking? Or right, command wasn’t in on this…Bethany tapped a button turning off her console as she glanced up at the door as it opened.

Stepping into her office, his first thought of the redhead was Cute, but there’s no way she’s old enough to be a Lt. Cmdr. Either that, or she’s like a fine wine and ages well.

“Commander? I’m Lt. Harrison Callahan,” he said by way of introduction.

Callahan (Sec/Helm)

Bethany raised one eye brow, reminiscent of a Vulcan, and stood up offering her hand, but a mischievous smile always seemed to adorn her face. Like she knew things no one else did. “Lt Cmdr actually. It will be a sad day for the Federation when they feel the need to make me a commander. Bethany Gadi, welcome to the Asimov. I can offer you coffee or water here. If you want something else, we can head to the mess hall.”

“You came from the USS Brave, so you are familiar with the Brazen class. Let’s walk and talk, and you can give me your critique of the current security measures.” She motioned him out the door and out of the security offices. Bethany had been making several changes since she came on board, she also had relaxed a few for the day. One to see if her current officers would maintain the higher standard she had set, and two to see what Callahan would make of it all. She’d read his file of course, and she liked what she saw on paper. His familiarity with the ship class was a huge asset for their upcoming mission. She also wanted to make sure her apparent youth and inexperience wasn’t going to be an issue.

Gadi, CoS

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