Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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“Don’t let her kid you, Nadine…” Micah said with a mouthful of sandwich, “… she only married me for this place.” and he laughed and then suddenly stopped and held up his hand to the two women. His eyes narrowed and he set he sandwich down, a disrupter appearing in his other hand. He slowly scanned the tree line opposite the shore.

“Is that what it was?”” Nadine teased before noting that Shara was on alert as she watched Micah’s line of sight and hen saw the weapon being drawn.

A few moments later, a voice rang out from the other side of the creek. “Who you done think yur gonna pop with that little’o party favor there Pik, huh?” The accent was very… ‘rustic’… and was accompanied by laughter from at least two other sources. Micah lowered the weapon and shook his head and looked at Shara and Nadine. “The neighbors.” and he chuckled. He turned and put a hand next to his mouth and yelled back “‘Bout time y’all showed up! We done been here a few days and I didn’t figure you the kind to ignore your kin an’ neighbor-folk in such a way! Didn’t your ma teach you better manners ‘an that?!”

Shara instantly relaxed and breathed out a long and quiet breath to dispel the tension. She had wondered when she’d get to meet these neighbours of his… theirs. Man, that really was going to take some adjustment time, wasn’t it?

Three figure stepped from the woods, two women and a man, on the other side and began wading across the creek a few meters downstream from where the Pikelsimer-Calloway contingent was. The lead figure was a large, barrel-chested man wearing a long sleeved, camouflaged shirt and dark green overalls and jet black hair. Over his head was raised an older plasma shotgun, as he waded chest deep through the water. The two women were only slightly smaller and looked remarkably similar to the man. They were even dressed alike and carried a shotgun and rifle respectively. All appeared to be in their early-to-mid thirties. “Morgan Clan… good ta see ya. Billy Jack, Cloris, Maybel… this is Shara and Nadine.” and he took a breath. “Shara and I just got married and Nadine is her daughter.” Billy Jack came out of the water like an amphibious tank rolling up onto the beach and smiled. “Pick… you got married sir? When’d ya go an do that?” and his head jerked a bit with a small tic. There was something about him that wasn’t quite easy to place; but between Shara’s observational skills and Nadine’s experience as an educator, it was almost immediately apparent… he had Tourette Syndrome. Micah smiled and walked up to the big man and gave him a firm handshake followed by a full hug. “Just a while back, Billy Jack. Wasn’t really planned or you know you woulda been invited.” Micha let go of Billy Jack and hugged each of the women in turn. “Cloris. Good ta see you, hun. Maybel my pretty, you are always a vision.” He turned and smiled at Shara and Nadine. “Ladies, these are the Morgans. Live on the land next to us. Their family’s been here as long as mine has.” Maybel moved forward and offered a hand to Shara and Nadine. “Longer, actually. We even have some common kin way back in the way.” and she smiled.


Having pushed themselves to their feet, Shara and Nadine both smiled.

With a warm and surprised smile on her face by the hug that had enveloped Micah, Shara reached out to shake Maybel’s hand, giving a firm grip that also wasn’t threatening. She suspected these folks would appreciate a strong woman and wouldn’t be put off by one, so no need to adjust on that angle. “A pleasure,” she said sincerely. “And it seems we really are something of a clan, now aren’t we? Just keep piling the distant family into the mix.”

“Something about the more, the merrier?” Nadine quipped as she reached her hand out as well.

~Shara & Nadine

Cloris stayed silent, obviously appraising the two women Micah had with him. Billy Jack walked forward and, pulling his hat off his head, looked at Shara and Nadine and said “Plehsure’s all mine, ma’am… Miss. I’m Billy Jack. These here are ma sisters Cloris and Maybel.” and his face twitched slightly. Micah smiled at Billy Jack and looked at Cloris and then stepped beside her. “He’s doing a lot better, ain’t he? Those meds help out?” he asked in a normal conversational tone. Cloris nodded once, her eyes never leaving Shara and Nadine. “Yep. Much appreciated to, by the way. Doc told us he was losing his speech, but the pills done got him chattering up a storm. So where’d ya pick this broad up at?” and she jerked her chin at Shara.

It was the familiar feeling of being sized up and found wanting that had Shara’s back instantly up. Oh, she knew. Unfortunately for others, it usually didn’t end well… for them

Micah chuckled. “Now now, Cloris… that woman is not only my wife, but she’s tougher than you ever thought about bein’. I’d go easy or you just might end up in the creek here.” Cloris tore her eyes from the women and stared hard at Micah. She looked back at Shara and scoffed. “City chick like that’un wouldn’t be able ta stand the cold water. Prolly jump outta there screaming and hollerin’.” and she laughed. Micah looked at her for a minute, then looked at Shara… and winked.

Amusement swept across her face and Shara very subtly relaxed some parts of her body while readying others. Brows lifted, she just looked back at Micah with a said *’Really?’.

“Care to put a little wager on that, sunshine? Say… five gallons?” Cloris sized up Shara for a minute and then spit off to the side. “Make it ten.” she said flatly. “You up fer that, cutie pie? Ten gallons ‘a hooch says I can drop your skinny ass in that there creek before I even get my feet wet.” and she grinned.

Micah stepped between Maybel and Billy Jack and put a hand on their shoulders. “Some things never change, do they?” and Maybel chuckled. “Nope… hard headed as ever, that one.”


See, the thing about a fun little tussle was that it was all in good fun, even if there were reputations and honour at stake. And one would think you would start out at the same time with an even chance at winning. That was assuming that they were fighting fair.

Shara wasn’t.

And that was the point as she began moving even as Micah and Maybe were finishing up their little quips. She was already in motion, closing the small distance between her and Cloris, planting a knee into the dirt as she locked her arms around Cloris and threw her weight forward towards the creek. By the size and broadness of Cloris and the slimness of Shara, reason said that it shouldn’t have worked, a non-starter. But Shara was not soft. Her body was hard and more muscle than the average Human woman. Long past the point of bearing children, she had honed her body to be a weapon itself, never knowing when and how she’d have need of it.

She let go once she felt Cloris’ weight shift into a flip, and then cleared the space where she had been crouched, slowly coming to rise up again on her feet. “B!tch, please. I was a Maquis when you were still clutching your mama’s skirts. I’ve always been the underdog, and likely always will be too.” She said, stepping backwards towards Micah, not at all concerned about tripping on something, her steps careful and sure.

Meanwhile, Nadine took in the action with sheer shock. Cloris had misjudged which was the city-girl who was more of the liability here and Nadine was well aware of it. But highly amused just the same.

~Shara (The next WWE star?) & Nadine

Cloris landed with a grunt and a curse… and a thud. Billy Jack scowled and started to take a step, but Micah said “Easy, my boy… you know it’s gotta happen this way. Cloris don’t learn any other way.” Billy Jack paused, and then nodded… but the scowl stayed. For her part, Maybel laughed out loud. “Aww hell, naw, Sis! You gonna let that skinny little thing whoop yer ass? Get her in the creek! Loser is the one that goes in the drink!” she yelled and then stuck two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly.


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