Welcome new doc!

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Asimov gang! We have a new crewmate, in the medical department. Krys McLean joins us as Adrian Sorel, fresh out of the academy and on his first assignment. Welcome aboard Krys, your welcome pack contains a lava lamp and a poncho. Use them wisely.

Welcome Krys!


Welcome aboard Krys!

  • Matt

Welcome aboard!

Thx guys! I thought I would come out of retirement with a new character. Some of you may recognize Adrian Sorel from the Owie a few years ago. He was a precocious 13yr old there who entered the Academy early and has graduated as a Medical Intern thx to heavy tutoring from his mother T’Pris and the CSO of the Owie. He is now 15 yrs old so I thought it might be interesting to play his growth into young adulthood as he finds his wings.

Krys (McLean) Knight

Wohoo! Super fun to see you (and Adrian) back in action. :)

— Trin

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