A spooky evening (Halloween Party!)

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Sara started a holodeck program she’d been working on for a couple weeks. It was always a good idea to offer the occasional idle diversion and this old earth holiday seemed opportune for just that. The holodeck was filled with an open field, at the back of which was a barn, with a banner on it that read ‘Haunted House’, there was a bar, and buffet, and more candy than was reasonable for the small population of children on the ship, and all of it wrapped in a perfect Autumn night sky.

Sara was dressed as a witch and she was a bit concerned about being in a costume, but she tried not to worry about it as she sent out an invitation to the entire crew. All Hands, this is the Captain. Now that I have your attention, there’s a Halloween party in Holodeck two, costumes optional but encouraged. Come one, come all!

-Sara Kiernan

Siadra hadn’t needed to ask Liara twice if she wanted to go to the Halloween party. So it was with a very excited six-year-old pulling on her hand that the First Officer entered the holodeck. Liara was dressed like an astronaut from the 21st century from Earth, with the helmet and all. Though with the visor open. After all: with the visor down she wouldn’t be able to eat sweets! Siadra on the other hand opted for a fictional character from Earth: Anne of Green Gables. Her wife and she had found that book during an vacation on Earth and had fallen in love with the story. So with her red hair braided in two pigtails, she was dressed in white dress made of muslin with lace, ruffles, puffed sleeves and all; including, of course, all the proper undergarments for the prefect late Victorian silhouette. Spotting the Captain, she bent forward and said, “Let’s say hello to Captain Kiernan and then we can have a look around, okay?” “Okay,” Liara nodded.

When they reached Sara, the little girl said, “I love your costume! Are you a witch?”

Sara looked down at Liara and smiled wide. “Well thank you! Yes I am.” She knelt down to Liara’s height. “And you’re… an astronaut, right?”

“Hello Captain,” Siadra greeted the other woman with a soft laugh. “This is a wonderful idea. Thank you.”

~Siadra and Liara Enai

Sara rose and said “I always liked a good Halloween party. And it’s always nice to have a little something for the crew and their families.” She gestured back to the rest of the space “Well I booked the holodeck for an obnoxious amount of time, perks of being the Captain, so enjoy yourselves!”

-Sara Kiernan

Patrick McMillan loved Halloween. A party such as this took him back to his days at the Academy, the kinds of costumes that cadets would wear as a way of trying to make friends with their new classmates; sometimes even forging a different kind of relationship in the process. To that end, Paddy managed to utilise the replicators aboard the Asimov in order to recreate an old Borg drone costume, made from cloth instead of repurposed metal. As he crossed the threshold into the party room, he grinned at the sight of Liara, then deciding to bend down and say, “Good evening little one, I love this costume, I may have to assimilate it into the Collective.” He winked.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Bethy used to love Halloween, dressing up pretending to be someone else. Now-a-days she thought it might be fun to actually go as herself since she spent so much time pretending. But that would spoil the fun and Bethy didn’t want to do that.

An unfamiliar woman entered the holodeck, straight rich auburn hair adorned with a silver moon circlet and sapphire blue eyes, with a silver armband on her left arm. She was wearing a short one shoulder navy blue chiton, with a wide silver sash cinched around her waist and silver gladiator sandals. She carried a silver bow with a silver dyed leather quiver full of arrows. Once the doors closed behind her a golden stag appeared at her side and followed her as she made her way over to the others.

Gadi, CoS

Allison loved Halloween. And now she had children to celebrate it with. This was going to be fun. Choosing a good costume for herself was one matter. Choosing one for the twins was another matter entirely. But she figured it out eventually. Into the holodeck stepped a woman with long blonde hair - longer than really should be possible, braided and wrapped up to a more manageable level. She pushed a stroller - really the only way of getting the twins around reasonably now that they were toddling about. She’d watched these stages of growth in her relatives, but it was certainly a new experience for her for a couple of 4-month-olds to be toddling around like 1-year-olds. They didn’t like walking for long though, hence the stroller.

Allison had dressed them up in matching outfits, little purple dresses that matched her own, down to the sun motifs.

Allison and Children

Visrian was woefully unversed in the Halloween tradition, but she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to dress up. Masquerade as a swashbuckling pirate or a knight in shining (but uncomfortable) armour? The possibilities were limitless! And she wouldn’t dare waste an ounce.

Parr trudged onto the holodeck with a counterfeit scowl. She wore an olive-drab tunic cinched by tattered leather and a sheathed sword. Her trousers, baggy and russet, were stuffed into humungous black boots. Fingerless gloves and intricate, faux-metal armbands adorned her arms. But it was neither her armbands nor her tunic that claimed the show. It was the ragged cape that flowed from her shoulders, tethered only by a meagre cord.

Heavy-footed and trying oh-so-hard to maintain her scowl, Visrian marched over and waved a quiet ‘hello’.

— Visrian Parr, Scientist
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At the sight of the Security Chief coming into the party, Paddy grinned and sidled over to her, trying not to collide with anyone as the parts of his costume that stuck out of his uniform jacket rubbed up against bulkheads. When he finally made his way over, he grinned and said, “Good evening Commander, might we interest you in adding your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own?” He winked goodnaturedly.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Bethy looked over at the counselor wondering if he knew how that sounded. She was really glad neither of her mentors were around. They would have ‘unassimilated’ him already. The ever present grin widened at his wink. “Counselor, that is a rather loaded question. I’m not sure I know you well enough for that.” She looked his costume over, “That is a very good costume, Paddy. How are you tonight?”

Gadi, CoS

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