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Senek, who had thus far followed the group quietly, spoke now: “Perhaps we should focus on what exactly it is going to want us to do. Or say.” She really had no idea what to expect. The idea of a sentient station wasn’t completely absurd but it certainly wasn’t anything Senek had encounted before. “If it can ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ people, we should watch what we say around here.”

~ Lt Senek, CMO

The guard smiled at Senek and said “Oh, you can say whatever you want. It’s not like that at all. Its more like… it just has to get used to you. I’m sure the PM will explain it all to you guys. So follow me and stick close. Happy to answer questions on the way, though!” and he turned and took the lead. One guard inserted himself in the middle of the group, and the third guard took up position at the rear of the assembly. The began walking along the catwalk that seemed to be suspend in and by nothing… simply a metal structure hovering in the darkness.

They walked for almost ten minutes along the catwalk. Five minutes in, the Asimov and her lights could no longer be seen at all. “So this is the main hangar bay.” the lead guard began. “Near as we can tell, it should be about three hundred and sixty five to three hundred and seventy meters high, around five hundred meters across, and about 6 kilometers long. That’s judging off the outside of the station and the thickness of the walls. We can’t measure in here for some reason. Seriously weird part of this place. You can come in from the outside with two metal rulers cut to 50 centimeters, right? Outside the hangar you measure one against the other, and they are exactly the same length. In here? One could be 20 centimeters and the other a meter and a half. Go outside? 50 centimeters on the nose. Come back in? The 20 centimeter one is now 50 centimeters again and the other is 3 centimeters. The red light you see is given off by the station itself, but only where living beings are. Interesting side note, the nynats don’t cause the lights to come on. Thats why we always come in here armed. Anyway.... thats why we all call the Hangar of Weirdness. Scanning and exploration in here is done only in large groups, and we tie off to the rally points. Few years back four scientists went to the floor and tried to map the place. No idea what happened to them, they just up and vanished. We found all their gear… including their clothes. Only thing to vanish was their physical bodies. Down to the skin cells on the clothes. Just… poof. Ah, here we are.” he said as they approached a large silvery-metal door set into the black crystal wall. As they approached, the door irised open from the center. “Watch your step coming through. Tholians float, so they didn’t mind the door jambs.” and he stepped through and gestured for everyone to follow, reminding everyone to stay close as they came through.

Unlike the hangar, the passageway they stepped into was brightly lit and seemed to be made of the same silvery metal as the door. The passage was very wide, almost thirty meters across, and there was some kind of track system in the middle of the floor. “Ok, so here we are. Transit modules will be here momentarily. This place is huge, so don’t try and walk it. We actually have a yearly marathon in one section, and we never turn a corner. Straight shot passageway that runs about fifty kilometers.” As he spoke two large, white, flat oval cars arrived. There was seating for everyone between the two, and the guard motioned everyone in and to be seated. With one guard in the lead car and two in the trailing one, the lead guard pulled a small device from his belt and began talking… and everyone could hear him as clearly as if he were standing next to him.

“So… anyone have any questions? I’m no tour guide, but I’ve lived here quite a while. So hit me with what you got, and if I can answer I will.”


Bethany had all kinds of questions about the station and it’s ‘personality’ but the guard said the PM would answer those questions. Bethany had to stop herself from asking if they ever went sky diving off the cat walk. He said they stayed tethered now if they went exploring. She wanted in on one of those groups. “What exactly is the station made of? I’ve never seen material like this,” Bethany asked.

Gadi, CoS

“As far as we can tell, is some kind of crystallized plasma. Yeah… don’t ask me how that works, we’re still trying to figure it out.”

“Does it connect into the computer system?”

Paddy found himself raising a hand to quickly follow up, “Also, how many different species do you welcome to the station on an average day?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

The guard looked at the Counselor as if he had grown a secondary head on his shoulders for a moment. “Um… what? We don’t welcome anyone here. This… this place is so classified all of us here are listed as dead, Lieutenant. We don’t leave… and we get maybe a ship in here once every, oh… year and a half? Two years? And thats to bring in new personnel. Naw… this ain’t a place you come ‘visit’. Aside from you all, everybody that has come here before has been assigned here. And we don’t leave. Only folks that come and go are two Admirals and one automated shuttle. Thats it. Im pretty sure you all are going to have some serious Nondisclosure orders coming at you before the day is over.” and he laughed.


“That makes sense.” Sara commented idly. A station this hidden, with secret codes to get to it… they’d never tell of anything that happened on this mission. Only Special Projects would know. “How many people are assigned here? Approximately.” She had a feeling it was more than just a skeleton crew, but that was just a hunch.

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

“We have four hundred and sixty eight people currently assigned. Shortest rotation is five years. After, you retire. New name, new background, no ties to your previous life. Most of us do longer stints, and with the right approvals you can re-up to stay after your contract is up. Most do… the work is really exciting and there is nowhere else you are going to get this kind of lab to do experiments and research in.” the guard replied excited ly as they moved very quickly through the station.


Bethany smiled over his enthusiasm, “You guys hiring?” Maybe after this mission was over. Of course as exciting as the work might be, she couldn’t imagine never seeing her parents or uncles again. Then again if Intel kept it up there was a good likelyhood she wouldn’t make it home anyway. “What type of research are you conducting?”

Gadi, CoS

It was hard to explain what was and wasn’t going through her brain and Shara would likely have to process this all a bit later. In her line of work, quiet observance often got you more information than a bombardment of questions, so she was happy to let her shipmates pepper their hosts with questions while she took in their surroundings and made notes of what questions they did and didn’t answer. And while there were others whose sense of adventure might make them intrigued with the idea of staying here, Shara’s impulse was to run away (and for good reason). She was here, yes, but it was ever so slightly grudingly.

Commander Calloway, CIO

The guard laughed at Gadi. “Hiring? Always. But if you have to ask, you don’t get the job. Here, you are recruited. As for research? All kinds. Me, I’m a high-energy physicist. Oh, name’s Morgan, by the way. Sorry. Been a while since I greeted new arrivals. Anyways, we do surveys of the nebula, the station, quantum research… you name it and we probably have someone researching it. The station itself takes up a lot of our time, what with it’s… oddities and such. But the PM will give a better rundown. I actually don’t know what I can tell you and what I can past the norm.”

“Your work is probably classified beyond all belief, but I was an astrophysicist for years, I’d be interested in seeing what you do if I can.” Sara said.

The next thirty minutes passed with Morgan answering what questions he could as they sped through the seemingly deserted station… until they came upon a section brightly lit and seemingly teeming with people after so long with nothing and no one. As the pods slowed to a stop, Morgan said “Welcome to Hell. That’s literally what we call this area. Bit of tongue in cheek poke at the outside.” and he laughed.

Stepping off the pod, a Cardassian woman stepped forward smiling and waving. “Helloooo!” she said as she waved a hand over her head excitedly. “Hi! Hello! So nice to see you all!” and she moved up and patted Morgan on the shoulder. “I was going to wait for you in the conference room, but I was just too excited! Im PM Val’tre. I run this little circus of scientific side-show attractions.” and he she laughed. “Please… follow me. Stay together! Remember… it’ll take a few days for the station to get used to you.” and she turned and led the group out of the massive passageway and into a smaller one more akin to the ones on a starship.

She led them down the passageway for about a minute before stepping through another iris-opening door and into a large room. There was a single large table in the middle. Twenty-one chairs, ten perside and one at the head, sat waiting. “Come come… let’s sit and talk, shall we?” Val’tre said, flopping into the single seat at the end. “I’m sure you all have a ton of questions, but if you don’t mind… I’d like to ask one first.” and her eyes fixed on Captain Kiernan.

“What the hell are you all doing here of all places?”


Paddy spoke up, “Captain if I may? We’re here to help, however we can.”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“Ah, yes, thank you counselor.” Sara paused. “We’re here for a bit of an odd refit. We’re on a mission that requires that we appear as though our ship has gone rogue. Special Projects has assigned us to a rescue mission that requires we not appear as a Starfleet ship on a Starfleet mission. I’m sure you understand the need for serious cover. So we’d like to get our ship and crew redone to look like they’ve been through a mutiny.” She tried not to say too much in specific, but enough for Val’tre to get the idea.

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

Val’tre’s eyes lit up and she grinned broadly. “A mutiny, you say? Oh my my my… that is indeed an intriguing task. Do tell… if you can, that is.”

Blue cleared his through and he looked at Pikelsimer, who simply shrugged and nodded once. “Director… we have to appear not only as a ship that has been absconded with… but have a crew whose appearance matches that as well. In addition to altering the Asimov, we will be altering the crew as well. Records will be changed, some will be listed as Killed In Action. Some will be listed as mutineers and murderers. Additionally, for the ones who have been listed as killed, we will have to alter their appearance. To that chore, we will be relying on your medical department to assist in the reconstruction and plastic surgery aspects. We have a roster of people who will need a complete makeover, as different from their original as possible. Agent Pikelsimer here will then upload forged personal records for each one we change. Will that be an issue for your staff at all?”


Adrian Sorel sat forward suddenly and after a moment of glancing at his mother and then the Director, who gave him a nod he added.”I have taken the existing facial constructions and simply added or subtract subdermal mass at a ratio of P < 0.05 , then the time for sculpting is decreased 15.3% and recovery is exponentially quicker.”

Adrian Sorel
Med Intern

An older human man with short cut salt and pepper colored hair and a noticeable metal prosthetic arm looked at Sorel, his eyes narrowing and small smile spreading across his face.

Senek was not one for a thousand pointless questions, and so she had been silent while they were being led through the station. “Whatever you require of the Azimov’s medical team, I am quite sure can be accomplished,” she confirmed, glancing at Blue and the med intern, Sorel.

~ Lt Senek, CMO

“Alright, so even with 15.3% lees time for sculpting, doing this to the entire crew, or the appropriate proportion will take approximately how long?” Sara asked. She couldn’t decide if she wanted their stay to be shorter or longer. Neither seemed like entirely the right answer.


Pikelsimer, FedSec

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