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Posted Nov. 8, 2021, 7:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Madison Marsh (Chief Science Officer) (Matt Bongiorno)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Madison Marsh (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - CNS Check In
Madison finished up her breakfast in the mess hall at 08:45, she scarfed down an English muffin, eggs with cheese, and hash browns. It was not the most healthy breakfast in the universe, but today was her cheat day and because of that very reason there was no shame in splurging a little bit from time to time. She left the dining area and proceeded to the Counselor’s office to participate in the typical check ins that occur after being assigned to a new ship. She had been through this process several times already and actually looked forward to meeting the counselor on the Asimov. Over the years, counseling had helped her in various ways and allowed her to address different scenarios that she had faced in life in a much more productive way than if she did so without the guidance. After arriving at the door to the Counselor’s office, she reviewed messages on her PADD while she waited for the clock to strike 09:00. The woman was just about always early to her appointments as she detested being late and would get irritated when others were late to their obligations. There was plenty for her to do and she wanted to knock out her daily tasks swiftly in order to move on to her day to day research. She successfully completed most of her responses to her colleagues with a few left over for later and clipped her PADD back on her belt. What would she do without a PADD? They were so useful. She turned to face the office door and immediately pressed the chime to notify the counselor that she had arrived ready for business.

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