Side Sim - Sometimes Dinner Is Just Dinner; Sometimes It's...

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Posted by Commander Siadra Enai (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Sometimes Dinner Is Just Dinner; Sometimes It’s…
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Si’rek had spent the past two hours cleaning and clearing things up and making room for guests… guest? He wasn’t sure which. But he had moved things around so that they, whomever ‘they’ turned out to be, could sit comfortably on the floor and lean against large, brightly colored pillows. A low table with a circle cut in the middle sat in the midst of pillows, and copper-colored cups sat on a tray around a similarly colored pitcher. Si’Rek himself was dressed in a loose white shirt and light gray and flowing pants with no shoes. Music played softly, and oddly metallic yet soothing sound far off in the background. He looked around and made sure everything was agreeable, then he went to the copper pot sitting on a small induction stove top and lifted the lid. A cacophony of aromas came forth in a steam cloud, and Si’Rek inhaled deeply and smiled.

Si’Rek, Chef and Interior Decorator

Siadra had been debating all day whether she should take Liara with her or go alone. There were good reasons for both and in the end she had decided to take her daughter with her. After all, things would get difficult and dangerous for all of them sooner rather than later and having a nice and relaxing time all together would surely do them some good. Not to mention that Liara would be upset if she knew that her mother met Si’Rek and didn’t take her with her. And if she were honest with herself, having her daughter there might also make things easier with regard to the emotions she had sensed from Si’Rek the other morning.

Either way, it was exactly 1800 hours when mother and daughter arrived in front of Si’Reks quarters. Liara was dressed in a navy blue sailor’s dress, white tights and matching navy blue slippers. For once her hair was braided into two thick pigtails. Her mother on the other hand was wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a simple white blouse with short, puffed sleeves. After Liara pressed the chime, they waited for Si’Rek to open the door.

~Siadra and Liara

The door slid open and Si’Rek stood in the doorway, smiling. “Hello and good evening, ladies!” he said happily and gestured for them to enter. “Please come in and make yourselves to home. Hello, tor’que…” he said with a glance to Liara, “…how is my favorite Engineer-in-training? Are you learning to use that tricorder I gave e you?”


As the doors opened, Liara bounced forward, her arms opened wide and basically flung herself at him. “Si’Rek!” she exclaimed and giggled. “Yes, I am and mummy is helping me. I missed you.” With a happy smile she nestled close to him and showed no intention to let go any time soon.


“Good evening, Si’Rek,” Siadra replied softly as she watched her daughter and him. Stepping into his quarters she looked around and inhaled deeply. “That smells amazing. Thank you for cooking for us. It’s been a while since we had something that wasn’t replicated,” she laughed.


Si’Rek smiled and shooed Liara into the room. “It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to cook, so thank you both. Please make yourselves comfortable. I have drinks on the table. Everything tonight is food and drink from my home world, tor’que. I hope you both enjoy it. Its not many who have tried Takaran cuisine.” He moved to the pillows and took a seat before pouring a dark reddish-purple liquid into the cups. He handed a cup to everyone before raising his glass. “To life-long friends.”



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