A spooky evening (Halloween Party!)

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Siadra had waved back at Bethany and then silently mouthed ‘thank you’ as she other woman sent the stag towards her daughter to play with. It warmed her heart and made her feel relieved that so many of the crew tried to engage with her girl and make sure she was well and happy. It made everything easier and took one worry off her shoulders.


The stag was linked up to the ship’s AI and would respond and react based on Liara’s reactions. Bethany grinned at Siadra and then headed off to get a drink.

Allison wandered a little further into the room, glancing around and smiling. It was a lively party. She quietly watched Siadra and her daughter. A few more years and the twins might make good playmates for Liara - if they were all still on the Asimov at that point. She hoped they were, she was a little tired of moving around from one community to another so much.

  • Allison

“I think now might be a time to make a change,” Paddy said with a wink. The young man reached onto his arm patch and tapped a hidden button on his lapel. Instantaneously, Paddy’s outfit changed with a flash and was replaced with several holographic scars and what looked like a discoloured contact lens in one eye. He grinned, “Much better, Zombie Counsellor, at your service.” He tapped his lapel, “I owe Engineering for this portable holo-emitter.”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Bethy looked him over at him and laughed, “Very impressive Paddy. What other disguises do you have in there?” She was making her way toward the bar for water, a lot of water. The temperature was cool and crisp, but she felt hot and winded, like she’d been running. It was ridiculous.

Gadi, CoS

“Well, if you appreciate how the other half lives,” Paddy replied, again reaching across to his lapel for the holo-emitter once more. This time, the holographic projection of his costume changed again to reveal the familiar sight of what looked to be a Starfleet uniform. However, this uniform contained the insignia of the Terran Empire, the overlords of the Mirror Universe, Paddy grinned and crossed his right arm to his left in a salute gesture often used by denizens of the Terran Empire and proclaimed with mock pride, “HAIL THE EMPIRE!” He winked, “Now what were you saying about candy Commander?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

She laughed, “That is a very decent impression. I think you would convince them. As for candy..I hope they have my favorite. Though if I indulge too much, I will never hear the end from my officers. I may have to sneak it out. Wanna help?” As always Bethany was grinning and far less serious than someone of her history would be expected to be.

Sara heard the counselor’s declaration, and walked over. “Evening Counselor, Commander. Happy Halloween.” She couldn’t help but smile at that. “Enjoying yourselves?”


Paddy grinned, “Good evening ma’am, may I say that this party is a great way of raising morale. What have you come as this fine evening?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Sara smiled wide. “A witch, counselor. None too daring or creative, but a staple of Halloween for sure. I’m glad the party is having the intended effect.”

Bethany smiled at the Cpt. “Good evening, Cpt. I am, it’s lovely. After I sneak some candy and a drink, I may try out the haunted house.” She was glad to see the Cpt in costume as well.

Gadi, CoS

“I can only hope I programmed it spooky enough. I can’t say I recognize your costume commander, though you’ve certainly gone to an impressive effort.”

-Sara Kiernan, CO trying to relax a bit

“I’m sure it will be perfectly tantalizing.” Bethany figured for herself it would be more comical than frightening, but she’d have fun either way. She glanced down at her costume. “Artemis, she is a goddess from Earth’s Ancient Greek civilization. Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt.”

Gadi, CoS

Having just been relieved of his helm duties, Harrison was fine with arriving to the party late. He was okay with being given the chance to make an entrance.

The holdeck doors slid open to the sounds of a trumpet fanfare. He strode in confidently, raising his arms and exclaimed, “I AM SPARTACUS!!! The bringer of rain!!! The champion of Capua!!! Let the festivities begin, for tonight we feast. . . . and tomorrow. . . we fight for honor and fame!!!”

The silver pauldron rsparkled in what light was in the hol0deck reflecting the metal glint to all corners. The leather chest harness outlined the soldid and chisled features of his upper body as he strode strutted into the room. As he neared the table with treats, all seriousness in his demeanor disappeared as he noticed his favorite treat.

“YES, Rice Krispie treats. I love Rice Krispie treats!!”

Callahan (Sec/Helm

“And may I say Commander that you make a fine example of Artemis. Also, I wasn’t aware that this program came with a haunted house? Anyone fancy joining me for a trip to the Dark Side?” He tried to sound as ominous as possible, but felt he just sounded like an idiot.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

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