Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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“Nope. He’s not that clever.” Micah said with a low growl. It took them fifteen minutes waking in silence to reach the ‘crash site’. Micah’s eyes swept the area and then he moved and reached down with his metal arm and picked up a twisted piece of electronics and plastic. He appraised it with a critical look and then said “Cheap Tellerite model. You can pick ‘em up in most any toy store or hobby shop.” He looked more closely and then it seemed a bit of weight left his shoulders. He looked at Shara and said with a grin “Serial numbers are intact.” She would know as well as he that if this had been a professional, there would be no serial numbers on parts. “Hmm.. this is certainly interestin’, fer sure.” Micah mumbled. He stared at the remnants for a bit and then toed them in his bag. “I’ll look up where this one came from when we get back.” he said to the group. He then looked at the Morgans and said ell, I sure do appreciate you looking out for the place. How ‘bout I buy a pig from ya as thanks?” Billy Jack positively beamed and he said “Sh-sh-sh-sure, sir. You want one fer raising or eatin’?” Micah said “Cooking. Dinner tonight. Think you got a small one?” Billy Jack nodded and said “Uh-huh. I’ll bring it over.” Micah smiled and said “Appreciated. Now we’re gonna head back to the house. If y’all wanna stay for supper, you are welcome.” Cloris shook her head and said “Thank ya, but we got a potluck at the church tonight.” She gave Micah a singular look and said “You wanna come?” Micah laughed and said “YOu already know that answer.” and Cloris laughed. “I do. Ok, see ya Mr. Pikelsimer. Ladies, a pleasure.” and the Morgan family began walking away waving.


Shara had bit back a snort. The chance of her showing up a local church social was next to nil, unless there was something to be gleaned from such an event. But her and Micah being social in the community as a couple? Not a chance. But her own relief at the clear lack of threat Micahs brother produced was obvious.

Nadine all the while just stood there bewildered. “Okay, what do I need to know that I don’t, and is this going to give me a headache by knowing it?”

Shara slipped her arm around Nadine’s shoulders in the closest amount of physical contact they had had thus far and grinned. “It might be time to introduce you to the moonshine.”

“Oh no,” Nadine said, skeptical, but also intrigued. “You weren’t really going to fight her, were you?”

Shara stepped away, walking backwards. “I know one-hundred an fifty two ways to kill a humanoid of various species. Half the art is knowing when to hold back so you don’t overly injure someone.” And with that she spun on the ball of foot and headed back towards the house, having a much better lay of the land and knowing her way.

Nadine looked to Micah, almost expectantly. “I’m going to regret this, aren’t I?” Though what she was referring to was left open, even to herself.

~Shara & Nadine

Micah laughed loudly and said “Oh child… if you don’t regret this whole thing by now, I think you’ll be okay. Just remember: two glasses of water before, one glass for each half of the jar.” and he clapped he solidly on the shoulder with a mischievous gleam in his eyes. “Now lets go get drunk! WOO HOO!!!” and he started off after Shara.

He looked back over his shoulder and grinned “‘Bout time you became a full-fledged member of the family, kiddo. Just go with it. Up here, you get to do stupid-a$$ s#!+ you wouldn’t do at home.” and he laughed again.


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