Calloway's Quarters- Sins of the Mother

Posted Nov. 23, 2021, 4:35 p.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay Bayes)

Shara drew the hairbrush through her plain brown hair, untangling the tiny knots at the ends that told it was nigh time for a trim. She had never been a particularly vain woman but even in her middle years she knew that she was what most Humans would consider beautiful. Her hair though… it was bland and for that very reason she loved it. It was one of the least striking things about her, that helped her blend into the background when she wanted to. It had a purpose.

A beep registered in her mind and turned in the direction of her desk. Her tiny officer’s quarters had basic amenities and were definitely fit for purpose, but it meant that even in the washroom she could hear anything happening in the rest of her space. Their space? Her and Micah were going to have to figure out what to do about their quarters situation, and they would, soon enough.

Setting the brush down on the edge of the sink, Shara moved out, grabbing her black satin robe from the hook and slipping it over her nightgown clad body. Tying the sash around her waist, she settled at the desk and saw the call notation. Faye. Something was up. She had used their code and had made the effort to patch through a call from the Delta Quadrant. She frowned as she connected them, the screen displaying her daughter’s face and the flicker of a tail she knew to be Tess.

“Faye, is everything okay?”

Faye seemed to take a moment to find words. =/\=Yes… ish. I’m okay, but… things… we need to talk.=/\=

Her daughter’s words were weighty, implying something difficult ahead of them. Well, she had already been the instigator, why not Faye? “Okay,” Shara said at length, studying her daughter as much as Faye was studying her. “I’m free currently, so… what up?”

Faye inhaled. =/\=Before we get into the nitty gritty, I want to say a couple things. Firstly… thank you. Thank you for rescuing from the Tal Shiar, for giving me my life back. That I’m thriving and growing at all right now is because of you. And I know in all the mess that happened when you were here, we never really got around to talking about that. So, thank you. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to truly express how much I mean that.=/\=

Okay, did not see that coming. Shara sucked in a breath. “Oh Faye-” Her vision blurred slightly and she would have continued but Faye kept going.

=/\=When I was little you were always this enigma. This thing I couldn’t figure out. You brushed off questions that went too deep and you rebuked my need to understand. And as an adult, I think I get it. You were protecting yourself from things you didn’t want to dump on the rest of us. But I’ve always resented it. Still do. But… these things are complicated and messy. Goodness knows I know that all too well. So here’s the thing, Mom… we need to have some honest conversations about things you might not want to talk about. You owe me that much as your daughter. And in return here’s the thing I can promise you: Nothing, and I mean nothing will stop me from loving you. I’m not going to walk out of your life. You rescued me from that hellhole, so woman you’re stuck with me from here on out come Hell or high water. Or both depending on the day.”

Shock was the first thing she felt before she had this irrational need to laugh. And so she did. Faye was a delicate as a bull in a china shop a lot of the time. But it gave herself a moment to process what her daughter had just declared. “Oh, well in that case I guess I’ll just have to make do, now won’t I?” The joke was a reflex, a cover, even she knew that but one look at Faye and Shara knew that Faye knew it too.

=/\=Uh huh. And now that we got that out of the way, I can tell you that I called Gavin.=/\= Faye paused , watching Shara who’s only thought was Oh, crap. Inevitable. =/\=I can’t tell you how lovely it was to be the one to tell him that his own sister was not only still alive but back in my life after all these years. Really made my day=/\= she said, lips pressed into a thin line.

Oh the sarcasm! It was one of Faye’s trademarks though, but it spoke of the uncomfortable conversation ahead and for a brief moment Shara wished she hadn’t answered the call.

[To be continued]
~Faye & Shara Calloway

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