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“That sounds like a good idea. Let’s not give poor Nadine more of a headache,” Shara said, pausing to see if there’d be the expected biting retort.

“I’ll just go see if I can figure out whatever nonsense organization system you have going on,” she added as she moved over to what could only be called the music room. She hunted for something in particular with a rather particular goal in mind. One her daughter over there might not react to or else, well, there was a chance, wasn’t there?

The sound of guitars playing was soon added to by drums and vocals. (OCC:

Well, it’s alright, ridin’ around in the breeze
Well, it’s alright, if you live the life you please
Well, it’s alright, doin’ the best you can
Well, it’s alright, as long as you lend a hand

The blanket flew off Nadine as Shara crossed back through the living room to stand at one of the large windows that looked over their land, all eight hundred acres of it.

You can sit around and wait for the phone to ring (at the end of the line)
Waiting for someone to tell you everything (at the end of the line)
Sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring (at the end of the line)
Maybe a diamond ring

Well, it’s alright, even if they say you’re wrong
Well, it’s alright, sometimes you gotta be strong
Well, it’s alright, as long as you got somewhere to lay
Well, it’s alright, everyday is judgment day

Nadine might not have jumped to her feet (she was still rather hungover, after all), but she did get up and stand there, staring at Shara, jaw dropped, eyes wide. Shara seemed suddenly in her own little world, and very curiously, her hands rested on her abdomen. Nadine wasn’t sure how she knew it, but she could say without a doubt that Shara was remembering being pregnant with her. But how did she know that? Why did this song feel so familiar?

Micah was cooking, but his intuition told him something was happening. But he stayed focused on the stove and simply hummed along as he moved in time with the music.

Maybe somewhere down the road a ways (at the end of the line)
You’ll think of me and wonder where I am these days (at the end of the line)
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays (at the end of the line)
Purple Haze

Well, it’s alright, even when push comes to shove
Well, it’s alright, if you got someone to love
Well, it’s alright, everything’ll work out fine
Well, it’s alright, we’re going to the end of the line

Shara was singing along to it now, her voice blending in and Nadine was still frozen in place, her mind trying to desperately connect the dots. Something felt missing, she was missing something. It… it couldn’t be possible? Could it?

When the song was over, Shara looked over and studied her grown first born child, hands still resting on her abdomen. There was this strange tender look in her eyes and once again Nadine believed that she was seeing yet another mysterious piece of the woman that was Shara Calloway. “I know that song,” she said finally, eyes welling. “But I’ve never heard it before now, I’m sure of it. But how do I know it?”

“Everyone knows the Traveling Wilburys, kiddo.” Micah said form the kitchen with a hint of friendly snarkiness.

Nadine’s gaze snapped to Micah, a disbelieving look on her face. “The who?” Clearly she wasn’t everyone.

“No, not The Who. The Traveling Wilburys. We can listen to The Who later.” Micah said and chuckled.

Shara gave an easy grin, something that still seemed rather odd on the woman, because if there as a person in this Universe who had cares and worries, it was her bio mom. Carefree was never going to be associated with her. “Because I played it for you nearly every day on Alpha Centauri. Well, it was for me, but you would start moving around and kicking me when I played it, so I figured you liked it. And it seemed to quiet you down when you were fussing during our one month together.”

The two woman gazed at each other, seeing each other yet again for the first time. “But I was only one month old, how could I remember?”

“Memories aren’t always concrete things. Sometimes they’re tiny whispers we don’t realize we’re hearing. I think we proved that this is one of yours,” Shara said, moving back towards the kitchen.

Another song started to play by the same band and Shara came up behind Micah, slipping her arms around him, careful not to impede him at the stove. “I might have used a bludgeon when I meant a nudge, does that make me terrible?” she said lightly, the words of the new song making her start to hum. She sang to Micah, softly only he could hear.

“It does, but terrible in such a good way, love-of-mine.” and he turned and wrapped flesh and metal arms around her and held her close.

Singing to him (he’d ask her to sing to him every day and was she doing her best to do so), for a brief moment there in his arms everything felt right.

I’m so tired of being lonely
I still have some love to give
Won’t you show me that you really care?

Everybody’s got somebody to lean on
Put your body next to mine, and dream on

OOC: Second song:

Nadine felt like she was drifting suddenly and found herself sitting at the dining table, elbows propping up her hands where her chin rested. She was processing.

~Nadine and Shara

Micah moved away form Shara and said “Go. Sit. I got three more minutes till the sausages are done.” and he shooed her out of the kitchen.


“I’m here for the coffee,” Shara said, moving over and setting up the machine since it was clear her daughter was having a moment and unlikely to do so herself. “At least this is one thing you can’t find fault in. I know my way around a good cup of coffee,” she said as she pulled out a filter and set it in the basket.

Shara finished up and moved back to Nadine, pulling a chair out beside her. She said nothing, just gazed quietly, wondering if she had gone too far.

Eventually, Nadine turned her head, meeting Shara’s pale grey-blue eyes. “I’ve been wondering most of my life if there were ways I could know where I came from, who I came from. My life has been built around Preston and Kennedy and I love them dearly. I’m grateful for the life I’ve had with them. But I’ve always wondered, you know? Was there a part of me that had nothing to do with them? Some connection I could have with my birth mother, even if I never got to meet her.”

“I didn’t mean to be so blunt about it. I was curious myself, if you’d remember in some part of your body,” Shara said softly.

Nadine shook her head. “It’s okay, I’m not upset. Just… astonished. Makes me wonder if there are other things I’m not aware of.”

“I wrote you a lullaby,” Shara said. “I should have hummed that, but this other song fit too. It was my reminder to hold on and keep going, even though things were hard. That I wasn’t just doing this for me.”

She smiled. “Thank you. I can’t imagine how hard it was, but for what it’s worth I think you did right by me. It’s interesting to imagine what our life together would have been like had you not given me up, but from what you said you had your own growing to do. I’m just sad my boy never got to meet you. Grandma…”

“Oh geez,” Shara said with a laugh. “Though I suppose I better get used to that, huh? I know Faye and Daggum are planning on having kids at some point.”

Nadine snorted. “I’m trying to picture secret-agent Shara with little ones using her as a jungle gym. It’s great!”

Shara just shook her head, a grin plastered to her face. it sounded like the best thing ever.

~Shara & Nadine

Plates landing heavily on the table interrupted the reverie. “So we have hangover food… sausage, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, and over-medium eggs. Dig in. I’ll get the drinks.” and he walked back into the kitchen and came back with three large glasses filled with iced tea. Taking a seat, still shirtless and not caring, he reached a metal hand over to the plate of biscuits and grabbed two and brought them to his plate, split them open, and then covered them in gravy.


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