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Posted by Lieutenant Patrick ‘Paddy’ McMillan (CNS) in Psych eval
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Having previously served on a Brazen class destroyer, Harrison had no problem finding the counselor’s office on deck 5. Most ship’s counselors he had served with felt it was necessary for Harrison to get his true feelings out about his mothers disappearance. They thought he should be angry, or depressed, or even blame his mother for leaving him as a 10 year old boy. Counselors didn’t believe he had no deep rooted turmoil in his sub-conscious.

That’s why he wasn’t a big fan of counselors–they looked for problems that weren’t there. Harrison had a good childhood. He knew he was loved by both his parents and his mother would still be there at home had she not disappeared. The only problem he had with the situation was not knowing. . . . not knowing what his mothers true fate was.

But, with his fathers support, Harrison had grown up and accepted it for what it was. He didn’t hold a grudge against Starfleet or Starfleet Intelligence for sending his mother on that last mission. He had accepted it a part of her life in Starfleet and felt the best way he could honor his mother (or her memory) was to become a part of the organization she worked for in making the galaxy better place.

So again, here he was at the door of the CNS office, Lt. McMillan, ready to do it all over again, because it was required every time you were assigned to a new ship as well as on a yearly basis to make sure you were still good to serve.

He rang the chime and patiently waited to enter. . . . .

Callahan (Sec/Helm)

A strong Irish lilt came from the other side of the closed door, “It’s open, Mr. Callahan.” As the young man crossed into the CNS’ office, he was greeted by the smiling face of Lieutenant Patrick McMillan, one of Starfleet’s youngest counsellors to date. The office had a series of comfortable-looking sofas in the four corners, mainly used for mass counselling sessions, only if the mission called for it. When Callahan entered, Paddy smiled and outstretched his hand, “Morning Harrison, if I can call you that? I’m Patrick, Paddy to me friends and fellow officers,” he winked, “Can I get you anything? Take a seat.”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Harrison shook the offered hand and smiled. “Yes, Harrison is fine, Paddy.”

The security/helmsman glanced about the room, and took a seat on one of the couches. “No thank you, Counselor, I’m fine. Just came from lunch. Besides, I don’t think this should take to long. I don’t have any deep-seated hatred for either or my parents, had a fairly normal upbringing, so I’ve no abandonment issues. That’s what the counselors normally focus on and try to pull something out of my sub-consciousness that isn’t there.”

Callahan (Sec/Helm)

Paddy chuckled, “Seems you have this all worked out Lieutenant, just a few questions then. How’re you finding your time on the Asimov so far?”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-



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