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Harrison fell into step beside the ladies as the made their way down the corridor

Bethany entered her quarters expecting Callahan and Calloway to follow. She walked over to a small side table and flipped on the coffee pot. What she wanted was something much much stronger, but it would end up in a knock down drag out of a fight with her stomach. And one couldn’t afford such indulgence when Elias was around. “Sit.” Bethany sat at her desk and pulled out a small device and set it top and pressed a button and a small orange light began to blink. A connecting cord was pulled forth and plugged into her console. Arms leaning against her desk she looked at Callahan, “Much of this information has been declassified, but the rest is strictly need to know and highly classified. I’ve made the unilateral decision to make you part of that.” It was readily clear that if he made her regret it the consequences would be much worse than a court martial. Turning her console around there was a picture of the man on the catwalk along with a very long dossier. “This is:

“Thank you. I appreciate being read in on this one,” Callahan replied.

Bethany shook her head, when this was done Callahan would probably curse her name for dragging him into this.

Elias Balthazar
Half-human, half El-Aurian
Mass murderer
Sentient trafficker
Rebel Freedom Fighter
Armed Robber
Free-er of Slaves
Card Shark
Con Artist

Harrison added, “That’s quite the resume.”

He was on the Federation Most Wanted list for over a decade. I was on the task force sent after him. The task force was a joint Federation/Klingon/Romulan task force.

Think Jack Sparrow crossed with the Punisher. And not evil. Worse. ENTIRELY neutral he’s Neutral, lives by his own code of right and wrong And that code fluctuates. The only constant is him at the center He is a truly dangerous person. Like… he is who the boogeyman tells horror stories about. Jack the Ripper would be squeamish in his company.

But at the same time… he also liberated an entire system from an oppressive dictatorship. He’s stolen priceless art works and dropped them in a poor box on remote planets. He once commandeered the flagship of a Royal Navy just to give it to the rebels fighting them.

“You must not take for granted his dichotomy of motivations. He is yin AND yang, and no one can ever tell which is up at the moment. For every bad thing he has done, he’s done ten good ones. And for every ten good ones, he did 100 bad ones. And so on and so forth. Do not mistake him for a good person, he does whatever is best for himself.

He sabotaged an entire Cardassian task force en route to destroy an independent colony of 125,000 people. He somehow got canisters of an experimental binary gas into every ship’s life support systems. Killed over 800 Cardassians. And as noble an act as that was, he also sold all the ship’s to the Orion Syndicate, sooooo…

Another time, he got himself arrested by the Anticans so he would be sent to prison just so he could escape with a convicted terrorist bomb builder. Killed 8 guards in the process.

After the task force commander died we were kind of in limbo, waiting for orders. Tevik and I were sitting outside at this little food stall talking. He was animated, as usual, about the atrocities Balthazar had committed and how horrible of a person he is. And then….Tevik dropped dead into his soup bowl - Poisoned. A note was tapped to the bottom of the bowl, handwriting and DNA trace a 100% match to Balthazar. Note said, “Lesson for the day: Thou shall not taketh my f&^%ing name in vain.”

“He’s obviously helping this plan for his own non-altruistic reasons, I assume. If we can figure out what’s in it for him or what it is he’s after, that should give us a little bit of a leg up as well as some bargaining power if we need it.”

“You don’t bargain with Elias Balthazar. He doesn’t bargain. He is however a man of his word. Oddly enough that’s important to him. If we can extract a promise from him that might help, but the cost may be more than we’re willing to face. And again if there is a way around it, he’ll find it, keep his word, and still do the exact opposite.”

He ‘died’ 3 years ago.....He was killed right in front of my own eyes. Disruptor through the head just as I was clipping the cuffs on him.”

Gadi, CoS

“100% verified it was him that died that day? If he’s as good as you say, Lt. Cmdr., that could have been a ruse to get the heat off him. Or, maybe the current version is some kind of doppleganger, or maybe a clone?”

Callahan (Sec/Helm)

“The moment he was shot that was my thought. I sat in the morgue while the ME did the post-mortem. Followed the samples and trace to the lab and sat there why they ran it all, 10 times just to make sure. And if we weren’t on radio black out I’d call and have the body exhumed just to make sure. It’s possible, a clone or similar, but that doesn’t explain how he has the bracelet he’s wearing. And it’s not replicated. Of that I am absolutely certain.”

Gadi, CoS

It was at that moment that the door slid open and a familiar figure walked in and took a seat right at Gadi’s workstation…

Elias Balthazar himself.

“I decided that if you are going to talk about me, you should really get the entire story.” he said as he leaned back in the chair as if he lived there.


Bethany knew, she didn’t even have to turn around to the door when it opened, but she did. She stared at him, but all she could see was memories.

The task force had still been tracking Elias, but she’d been called away for a different assignment. Things went bad, then worse, and she’d been poisoned. The team had been holed up in a safe house waiting for the extraction team. Bethany had incoherent with no help of an antidote. The local doctors had no idea what she’d been given.
And in the daze Elias had walked right into her bedroom. He’d knocked out her whole team, minor pains but nothing serious. He walked right over to her bed, sat down and pressed the hypospray with the antidote to her neck. He’d patted her on the arm, “Tsk-tsk-tsk… you can’t die yet. I still have plans for you.” Then he’d got up and walked out, never actually harming anyone. Bethany had been paranoid ever since.

D@m^ him! The memories would have to wait. “I’m not dying, nor am I ignoring your game, or wasting my life on some ‘fruit cake.’ So why are you in my quarters Elias?”

It was TuKaahl all over again. The never-ending ghost. Her fingers tightened around the weapon resting in her lap that she had wisely kept close. Every nerve in her body had been on alert and her keen blue eyes stared daggers at him. “Give me a good reason why i shouldn’t test out how many lives you have and just burn a hole through your head right now, just for fun,” she said as if they were discussing what to eat on a picnic.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Bethany stepped between them. Elias was composed and calm at the moment, but there was no telling what would make that change. Calloway had family, children, waiting for her to come back from this mission. Bethany had…no one. If Elias already knew her quarters it was just as likely there was a bomb underneath that chair just waiting for him to feel justified in using it.

Elias yawned and said “Feel free, Commander Calloway. I assure you that death really doesn’t scare me. Nor do you. And as Bethany here can tell you, I may be many things, but I am not a liar. Now I am trying to be a good boy and do as I’m told… but you three are making that terribly difficult. So… in the vein… we can either get to work on your ship or you can tell my warden that I am excused. Although I doubt that they will accept your offer.” Piercing green eyes locked on Bethany and he smiled. “I told you… I’m here to help.”

Captain Elias Balthazar

Bethany sighed. Elias was NOT a liar. He was creepily honest, but Elias be ‘a good boy’ terrified her. “And what exactly have you been told to do and who exactly is your warden, Elias?”

Gadi, CoS

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