Pre-MainSim - A turn of events. [Att CO, XO]

Posted Dec. 6, 2021, 10:58 a.m. by Lieutenant Andromeda Lykaios (Chief Science Officer) (J Ridgley)

Posted by Captain Sara Kiernan (Commanding Officer) in Pre-MainSim - A turn of events. [Att CO, XO]

Posted by Lieutenant Andromeda Lykaios (Chief Science Officer) in Pre-MainSim - A turn of events. [Att CO, XO]
Ande was nervous, given the current state of affairs and how she had just managed to keep the science team together less for a few individuals and of course their chief science officer she was exhausted. Now however she found herself hesitating outside the Captain ready room having received notice to meet her there. She sucked in one final breath and pressed the doors chime command on the panel to its right.

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From inside a light alto voice called “Enter.” The ready room was decorated with mementos and old things, a few old books- real books bound in leather- and a large painting hanging on the wall that showed a city at night. Not a good painting but not a bad one. The Captain was seated behind her desk, looking over the latest in a long series of PaDDs dropped on her desk. “Ah. Lieutenant Lykaios. Come in.”


Ande entered the room, her eyes scanning it as she took in the unfamiliar surroundings. She quickly realised she’d never been in the Captain’s ready room before and wondered how many rooms she’d never visited aboard the ship. Spying the painting and old books if it came to small talk she might atleast have something to fall back on to. “Thankyou Captain.” She finally said stopping in the middle of the room. “I came as soon as I received the notice.” She had no idea what kind of rollercoaster ride joining this crew was going to be like and so far she’d been holding on for dear life since their mission had been briefed.

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