Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Micah waited for several very long minutes and then stepped out on the porch. He looked at the two women and then said softly “Hey Nadine… I’m sorry. I wasn’t saying that your boy wasn’t part of ya. I just wasn’t part of ya then. Sha was… even with all the time and distance, ‘cause she’s your Ma… I’m just the dumbass that walked inta this a couple days ago. Didn’t mean to say… well… you know. I’m sorry.” and he turned and walked back inside; coming out less than two minutes later fully dressed and, without a word, walked off and disappeared into the woods.


Shara came out and sat on the porch steps. If she and Micah weren’t who they were, she’d worried and want to go after him, but she knew he’d come back when he was ready. In her hands was a shawl and she held out the arm it was draped over. “Come on, Baby Girl. Sit with me,” she said softly, even if it sounded more like a command than a suggestion.

Nadine’s eyes had been fixed on Micah’s retreating form as he became just a little blur that disappeared. She wasn’t upset with Micah, not really. But this was a part of the deal of getting to know her birth mother. She had inserted herself into their lives, all their lives, and they would do the same in hers. The tricky part was where something in one person’s life was triggered by the sheer act of living the others did. She was happy for Faye and Daggum, and the promise of a future together. And she wouldn’t do anything to dampen their excitement. She already knew she’d go to that wedding if only to affirm her presence and give a chance for all of them to get to know each better.

With a sigh, Nadine turned and joined Shara on the stairs, her mother flicking the shawl outwards so it unfurled about Nadine’s shoulders. “It’s not his fault. He didn’t do anything wrong. I just don’t foresee more kids and another partner anytime soon. It’s not that it can’t happen, but it’s not where I’m at.”

Shara reached up and tucked strands of the same dark hair behind her daughter’s ear with her fingertips. “I know. I’ve been there.” She wrapped an arm around Nadine’s shoulder and pulled her in. “I was engaged to a man for two months after being with him eight months. This was not long after Voyager got back to the Alpha Quadrant. He started talking about setting a date and I kept having this thought roll through my head. ‘He’s not Edward’. And he wasn’t. But I wanted him to be. That was the problem. So I ended things between us and after that I was done all my training and went on my first assignment. I had a fling here and there, but no one serious till I met Micah. I hope, for your sake, it doesn’t take as long as it took me, but you can’t rush these things. They’ll happen when you’re ready. You may not know it at the time, but that’s okay too. And if you never become ready, that’s all right as well. There is no rule you have to have a life partner and kids. You have your parents and all of us and we’re not going anywhere.”

Nadine sighed through her exhale. She knew all of that logically, but it was nice to hear all the same. “Thank you,” she said softly, resting her head on Shara’s shoulder.

Squeezing her, Shara smiled overtop of Nadine’s head. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined a scenario like this. Whatever idle whims of her imagination conjured up, it was never this. This is in all its messiness was as perfect as it could have been. Perhaps this was what being fearless was all about. Maybe this was Shara bearing her wild heart once again. All she knew is that between Faye, Micah and now Nadine, her heart once again felt full. And it felt good.

The pair sat on the porch steps in companionable silence waiting for Micah to return.

~Shara & Nadine

It was a long while before there was movement in the woods and the figure of Micah seemed to flow out of the trees like water. He walked up to the pair and half-smiled. He looked at Nadine and said “Hey… I really am sorry. I’m new to all this, and I’m kind of a moron anyways, so you gotta bear with me when my mouth overloads what little good sense I have.” He laid his flesh hand on her shoulder and said “And if you wanna deck me, feel free.”


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