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Nadine said nothing but stood up and wrapped her arms around him in a firm embrace. “We’re good,” she said softly. Two days with these two had shifted a lot of things for Nadine, but it was that moment when he laid down the law, as it were, when it came to Shara. She had seen how fiercely he loved her and wanted to protect her from pain. that had told her that Shara was someone worth knowing, loving and fighting for. And made her want to know her that much more. Micah had taken a risk coming to see her and she had taken a risk at accepting their offer to visit. He had let her into his home, which now she understood just how special that was, so the way Nadine saw it, she owed him more than a little bit of forgiveness if he misstepped.

Pulling back and dropping he arms, she gave a shy grin as she looked between Shara (still sitting on the steps) and Micah. “Just so you both know, Joshua would have loved you both. And he would have loved it here. I can see him now, romping through the woods, and that makes me happier than you can know. So thank you. I will never regret coming here.” Tomorrow it was time to go home, but she was good with that. Could she stay longer? Sure. But they all needed time and space to process and she owed the couple that raised her some time and attention and reassurance that they still held a special place for her. they were not being replaced. There was room for all of them in this crazy life.


Micah looked at her, then looked at Sha, the out to the woods. “Well… way I see it… you are here… so part ‘a him is here too. And that part is always welcome.” and he turned and looked back at Nadine. “So’s the rest of ya.” and he smiled. He then turned fully and looked at her. “Listen… your ma and me, we’ve seen a lot of death. We’ve dealt in it the way most folks deal with picking where to go to eat. But that don’t mean that your pain isn’t something either of us dismiss. But it also means that you have two people who know how to accept and work through loss. Now I know you are a strong willed and smart lady… but if you ever… ever need someone to talk to… you call. And if you can’t get either of us, you just up and get yourself to the Knoxville transit port and you call Vanessa. She’ll get ahold of those folks we met by the river and they’ll come get you and bring you here. And you can stay as long as ya want. This place is special… lotta spirits in these hills that’ll help ease your hurt if ya need ‘em to. And I ain’t even referrin’ to the shine, either.” and he smiled.


It was not an idle offer and because of that tears blurred Nadine’s eyes. “Understood,” she said with a nod.

Shara watched her husband and first-born daughter interact and it warmed her in a way that not even a blazing fire could. Rising to her feet. She smiled, letting the past mingle with the present in a way that she knew would echo long into the future. Things with Faye were, well, okay but strained, but she knew her second-born daughter well enough to know that Faye needed time herself to process. The rest would come.

Slipping her arm through Micah’s, she kissed his cheek. “Well said, Husband. Let’s go enjoy our home some more.” Nadine wrapped Shara’s shawl around her, smiled, and moved inside the house, momentarily leaving the couple alone. Shara said nothing, but just gazed at him, rare adoration in her eyes.

~Shara & Nadine

“You know you keep lookin’ at me like that, folks’ll start to think you gotta thing fer me.” Micah said with a grin and bent his head down and kissed her. Pulling back, he said “And we don’t want tongues waggin’, do we? People’ll start to think you aren’t the cold blooded killer you are… well… at least not all the time.” and he chuckled.


“Shhhh!” Shara said, placing a finger on his lips. “No such talk. What good is being an Intelligence officer if you don’t come with a reputation?” She dropped her finger and looked back at the door where Nadine had walked through. Deep down, for reasons she couldn’t fully explain, she new everything would be okay. That this major development was going to be a wonderful thing for them all. they would all just need to be patient with each other.

Turning her head back to Micah, there was a quiet smile on her face, a look of self-assurance. She was married and the child she had given up for adoption had come home to her. Shara looked around, casting her gaze over the landscape she was becoming rather fond off. Misty eyed, she looked back at Micah, staring deeply into his eyes. “I’m home, ” she whispered.


Micah grinned and said “Honey… you’re home wherever we are together. This place is just better than all the rest.” and he laughed and then kissed her for a long… long time.


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