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A day after the weapons testing and modifications had begun, there was chirp on the comms in the XO’s office.

=/\= Heya Commander. I’m Marcelda Bruklad, the Chief Engineer on the station. I’ve been doing some work with Miranda, but we need to go get a piece of equipment from one of the wrecks out in the nebula. I was told to clear that with you so we can get your team on the station’s shuttle. You game to fly through hell today? =/\= and there was a slight laugh.


Looking up from the PaDD she was reading, Siadra tapped her com badge. =/\= When do you want to leave and what should I know before we head out? I’m not engineer so I might need a bit of a debriefing to be of any help, =/\= she replied matter-of-factly. =/\= Also, have you already other people in mind to join us or shall I assemble the away team? =/\=

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

=/\= Up to you. I was told to contact you and you would handle the rest. I’m just here to get y’all on the shuttle and back in one piece… or at least the fewest pieces possible, =/\= she replied. Whether or not she was joking was hard to tell… but she wasn’t laughing.


=/\= Alright. I will assemble the away team and meet you in the shuttle bay. When do you want to leave? =/\= Enai replied as she started to compile a list in her head of the people to take along on this mission.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

=/\= No no… meet me outside your ship. The station shuttle is down from your ship a bit. We’ll just hop in there and go. I don’t know if it would like going into another ship or not.=/\= and then there was a laugh.


For a split second a confused expression played across Siadra’s face. =/\= Understood. When shall we be there? =/\= she replied, hoping that this time that question would be answered as well.

~Cmdr. Enai, XO

=/\= No time like the present, Commander. See you when you get here. =/\= and the comms went silent.


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