Break Out the Mats and Spar (Tag Martel)

Posted Jan. 18, 2022, 9:52 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Bethany Kovra Gadi (Chief of Security) (Jennifer Ward)

Security training today was hand-to-hand combat. Today they were training in the holodeck. Gadi tried not to schedule too many training sessions here because with only one on board everyone had to share, and recreational space was almost nill. But today it was the holodeck. They were in a boxing gym, with speed bags and heavy bags hanging, spaced evenly apart, around the room. In the center was a ring, but it was much smaller than a standard boxing ring. In fact it was actually the size of a corridor cross section. The ship was small, and open space to ‘fight’ wasn’t an option. So she wanted her officers to be accustomed to the size limits they had to move about on the ship. It was one way to give them an advantage. And where they were going they were going to need it.

“Time.” Bethany’s crisp voice called loudly enough to cut through the adrenaline pumping through the two officers sparing in the ring, but calm enough to keep them calm.
“Alright, Glisdaz.” This was something Bethany insisted on. Everyone had to point out what their partner did well and needed improvement. They didn’t have time to hold grudges or withhold respect because a sparing session was crappy.

“You’re fast, and it’s hard to visually keep up with you, I always felt like I was reacting rather than initiating. But you were pulling your punches. And while I appreciate not getting a bloody nose,” there was good natured laughter from the rest of the team, “you can’t correct that in a real fight if you always practice by withholding.”

Yazmine nodded, she was petite by any standards. “You have great foot work, no matter what I threw at you, you never lost your balance or faltered. You have great kicks and power, it’s your greatest asset. But I’m short and it’s easy for me to move out of the range of your power so work on your knee strikes, that will take away some of my advantage.” The two shook hands and stepped out of the ring.

“Alright, that was good practice today, from everyone. Murk and Liefaabe you’ve got patrol. The rest of you go clean up and everyone grab a water on your way out.” They all filed out, no sore feelings from what Bethany could tell. Once gone Bethany tipped her head back and took a deep breath. “Computer run Gadi Training Program 3.”

The holodeck changed into a large dojo that was obviously a revamped barn. It was slightly dusty, the floor covered in safety matts. Some of the stalls had heavy bags, others weight sets, one was an arsenal of every known hand to hand weapon and then some. There were knotted ropes, ladders, rock wall, unstable stairs, and other means of ascending to the loft. And who knew what mysteries were up there. Bethany shrugged off her uniform jacket and tossed it over a half wall. She picked up a pair of wrist wraps and began to wrap and crisscross them around her hands as she slipped out of her uniform boots and then socks. She approached the heavy bag at the back of the center aisle, raised her fists and began to use the bag as an outlet for her frustration.

Gadi, CoS

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