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“That’s Lieutenant McMillan there,” Sara pointed down the table to Paddy. “Feel free to convene with him about that.” she said.


Off to the side sat a female officer in ops yellow with two solid pips at the collar with hair that at first blush seemed black but in the light a red undertone came through. Seafoam green eyes took passed to Pikelsimon, Agent Blue, and the rest. She was of average height, well built, and for the moment her arms were crossed over her chest. “If I may interject.” She paused just long enough. “We still haven’t heard exactly what mods the Asimov is taking on besides scarring her up a bit. Are we swapping out torpedo bays? Are we changing phaser arrays? Installing disruptors? Are we getting hands on any tri-cobalt devices? What about shuttlecraft and singleships? Are we changing shield systems? What about replicators? Atmospheric processors and scrubbers? Are we dumping some of our deuterium and anti-deuterium?” Her tone was concerned, but still polite as much as one could be.

These were all important considerations. They would affect many aspects of performance, and how the crew would operate. More over how they were carving up a ship sh already liked. Sure security got to keep most of what was in the armory, but the big guns and toys? That, she and the rest of the engineering team would have to handle.

Lt Martel, CE

Blue nodded and said “All good questions. So… the story that will be ‘leaked’ is that the ship will be taken by mutiny. That will allow for some believability as to why we have the systems we will have. That being said, we will have to remove or destroy some of the more sensitive systems… including the IFF infrastructure in the sensor array. Anything we cannot allow to fall into the hands of those we will be dealing with has to be made inert and irreparable. After that, we will be adding some disruptor technology, as well as a small but not insignificant bonus… a cloaking device, compliments of a certain wreck here in the nebula. After that, we will add some armour plating and reinforce some sections inside while ‘damaging’ them outside. The goal is to look worse, but be better prepared for the unknown.”


Sara couldn’t help but hope they’d get to keep the cloaking device when they returned to normal service. “What about the interior? How battered and beaten do we intend to appear?”


It was a good question, and a valid one. Miranda wanted to know as well. They’d most likely have to modify the bridge, simply because it would be on view when communicating with others. But the rest of the interior could stand some battle scars too, she supposed. Especially if anybody wanted to check up on them, and take a walk-through. By what she knew of this operation already, they were going to have to sell a whole pack of lies as convincingly as possible. The easier they could make the lie, the better.

“It shouldn’t be that hard to let our security people engage in some live fire fun through the ship. But try not to bust up things too bad,” she suggested. “ANd it’s probably the quickest way to get the look we want. We can add extra stuff after.”

Lt Martel, CE

Gadi hadn’t met the new CE formally. She’d conducted the basic background clearance needed and all that, but hadn’t formally met her. She perpetual grin widened, “I LIKE you! The rest of you may want to find something else to do that day. It’s full out war games!”

Gadi, CoS

Blue shook his head and just took a breath. “Oh how I wish you had a spa…” he said with a sigh. The Project Manager chuckled and said “We do, actually. I might recommend that your crew going under the laser scalpel make use of it when they are done. It’s very therapeutic. Even has an enormous pool. Why Tholians needed a pool, I have no idea.”


“Both sound great,” Miranda cut in. “Another small point of order.” She said holding her finger up for a moment in lieu of raising her hand. “Are we going to be changing the ship’s name, registry, and livery in favor of our new mutinous mission? Temporarily of course.” It was a valid question, and it would likely be her knuckle-draggers and box kickers out there making the changes, not to mention having to break the registry and IFF system and reprogram it.

Lt Martel, CE

“Correct me if I’m mistaken,” Sara interjected “but I believe being seen as the mutinied and no longer Starfleet USS Asimov is part of our allure to those we’re trying to convince.”


Miranda nodded. “That’s my understanding. So wouldn’t divorcing ourselves from our previously ‘Starlfeet’ image, even though we’re using Starfleet’s stolen equipment, be par for the course?” Keeping the Starfleet livery, registry, paintjob, IFF beacon, and name tatoo’d on the ship’s hull sounded like exactly the opposite of selling the mutiny cover story. They were leaving Starfleet and the ideals it represented. So why would they still wear the company uniform?

Lt Martel, CE

“Perhaps we should listen to the… um… cultural exchange personnel?… the Director mentioned. Get their take.” Si’Rek offered.

Si’Rek, COO

“A fine idea Commander.” Sara nodded. “I suppose, unless there’s any more pressing business here, we should go conduct our various business to prepare for our various crimes.”



Ande had remained mostly quiet, she was still getting used to the weight of the two full gold pips on her collar, it took her some time but she finally had the courage to speak up about something. “Urm, Excuse me” She started clearing her throat after hoping one of the tactics would catch their attention, “I have been thinking that we should also have whatever Starfleet munitions and scientific probes mostly stripped to a minimum and replaced with perhaps non-federation issued technologies, if we are to truly replicate marauders. Similar to the Maquis.” She explained her bronze Grecian cheeks pinking slightly.

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Si’Rek, the Operations Chief, looked at the new CSO and nodded. “I concur. Appearances may be deceiving, but if we are to fight someone with standard Star Fleet issue, that could be an issue in maintaining the ruse.”

Si’Rek, Ops

“That might be effective once we were out of munitions. But we have a machine shop aboard. We can make more, so why wouldn’t we? More over, we took the ship from the inside. We haven’t been in a big firefight, so we haven’t depleted weapons stores. … So why would we just dump useful munitions?” She gave Si’rek a penetrating look. Surely he could see his own logical fallacy.

“Though we can modify the launchers to accept more munitions types, so we can augment what we have,” Miranda mused, glancing toward the CO and XO to see where their thoughts fell on the matter.

Lt Martel, CE

Sara pondered for a moment. “If I were to take over a ship and find weaponry already equipped aboard it, I wouldn’t dump it for preferences sake. Especially if you’re on the run. You take what you can get. It may however be wise to take on some additional non-standard issue. To replace whatever Starfleet issue we might call ‘plausibly lost in the mutiny.’”


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Si’Rek looked at Martel and said “And standard Operations and Security protocol in the event of the ship being taken is to specifically destroy munitions and the ability to use said armaments. So unless the CoS and myself are on the list of mutineers… a fact that would seem very improbable considering our respective records… then we will need to have a solid cover for why that didn’t happen. If this ‘Syndicate’ is as clever as our illustrious caretakers say; then the question would be sure to be brought up, don’t you think?”

Si’Rek, Ops

Andromeda chuckled, “Well being Starfleet we would know this is standard protocol maybe myself and a few of the mutineers preempted and our job was to secure the munitions, we could have moved them with the help of some security officers who were on our side?” She offered, “Perhaps we apprehended your before you destroyed the muntitons, shot me for it? Given me a good facial scar?”

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