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Posted by Lieutenant Miranda Martel (Chief Engineer) in Break Out the Mats and Spar (Tag Martel)

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Security training today was hand-to-hand combat. Today they were training in the holodeck. Gadi tried not to schedule too many training sessions here because with only one on board everyone had to share, and recreational space was almost nill. But today it was the holodeck. They were in a boxing gym, with speed bags and heavy bags hanging, spaced evenly apart, around the room. In the center was a ring, but it was much smaller than a standard boxing ring. In fact it was actually the size of a corridor cross section. The ship was small, and open space to ‘fight’ wasn’t an option. So she wanted her officers to be accustomed to the size limits they had to move about on the ship. It was one way to give them an advantage. And where they were going they were going to need it.

“Time.” Bethany’s crisp voice called loudly enough to cut through the adrenaline pumping through the two officers sparing in the ring, but calm enough to keep them calm.
“Alright, Glisdaz.” This was something Bethany insisted on. Everyone had to point out what their partner did well and needed improvement. They didn’t have time to hold grudges or withhold respect because a sparing session was crappy.

“You’re fast, and it’s hard to visually keep up with you, I always felt like I was reacting rather than initiating. But you were pulling your punches. And while I appreciate not getting a bloody nose,” there was good natured laughter from the rest of the team, “you can’t correct that in a real fight if you always practice by withholding.”

Yazmine nodded, she was petite by any standards. “You have great foot work, no matter what I threw at you, you never lost your balance or faltered. You have great kicks and power, it’s your greatest asset. But I’m short and it’s easy for me to move out of the range of your power so work on your knee strikes, that will take away some of my advantage.” The two shook hands and stepped out of the ring.

“Alright, that was good practice today, from everyone. Murk and Liefaabe you’ve got patrol. The rest of you go clean up and everyone grab a water on your way out.” They all filed out, no sore feelings from what Bethany could tell. Once gone Bethany tipped her head back and took a deep breath. “Computer run Gadi Training Program 3.”

The holodeck changed into a large dojo that was obviously a revamped barn. It was slightly dusty, the floor covered in safety matts. Some of the stalls had heavy bags, others weight sets, one was an arsenal of every known hand to hand weapon and then some. There were knotted ropes, ladders, rock wall, unstable stairs, and other means of ascending to the loft. And who knew what mysteries were up there. Bethany shrugged off her uniform jacket and tossed it over a half wall. She picked up a pair of wrist wraps and began to wrap and crisscross them around her hands as she slipped out of her uniform boots and then socks. She approached the heavy bag at the back of the center aisle, raised her fists and began to use the bag as an outlet for her frustration.

Gadi, CoS

Miranda made her way along the corridor when she spotted several other crew exiting the holodeck. Most were sweaty and looked like they’d been through the wringer. Short hair, short nails, most were carved out of wood. Security types, even though nobody was in their working uniforms, they were all in pretty much issued athletic gear for physical training. It really hadn’t changed a whole lot since the Academy. She sidestepped out of their way, making a hole for them to pass by.

Once they were gone she peeked through the doorway to see the look of a traditional dojo. A second ago it had been a boxing gym. that made her blink. she didn’t see Gadi in the crowd. No faces she really recognized, other than just having seen them around. The Azzie was a tiny ship. If she was here long enough she’d get to know everybody, probably. Maybe. Hefting the gym bag she had in hand, Miranda pressed forward and peeked around the doorway to see Gadi wrapping, rather than unwrapping, her hands.

“Did I miss it,” she called out, padding her way in. She stopped at the doorway and gave a deep bow from the waist. Respect to the dojo. She was dressed in a black halter top and a set of black pants that looked like half of a do-gi. Black studio shoes with white stripes were on her feet. Her sable hair was in a braided bun and pinned in place, out of the way.

From over by the bag, Bethany was, as always, giving her full effort. That meant her sets were controlled, but had power and follow through. She didn’t give all her energy to one single punch or use less on the feints. Her energy was even distributed as she punched, kicked, kneed, elbowed, and crossed. “Nope…come on…in. Don’t…enter the center......ring.” With a final spinning hook kick - it was flashy and very impractical, but she loved the speed, precision, and power the move provided. Bethany steadied the massively swinging bag and turned to Miranda. “You’ll trigger the trainer AI and you don’t want that.”

Stepping in, she took in a deep breath through her nose, picking up the dust and the faint remnants of hay, and perhaps manure but not enough to really be offputting. The air scrubbers were getting rid of all the sweat in the air rather quickly. Fresh air cycled in between the gaps in the walls and the temperature was pleasant. Looking around she let out a low whistle. “Wish I had something like this back home.”

Martel, CE

Bethany grinned and looked around. “Yeah, home is a good word for it. As much a home as I’ll get for awhile anyway.” People thought about home and they started talking about where they grew up. Bethany usually answered talking about the Appalachian Mountains where her family lived, but that wasn’t really home for her. This place though…this is where she felt most herself. Well the real place. She had a feeling Martel would really like it there, but a lot of things would have to change for Miranda for Bethany to be able to show it to her. “You looking for a work out or some training?”

Gadi, CoS

“We did talk about practice a few times a week. I guess I ran a little late. Had some weird manifold fault in one of the EPS relays that took a while to suss out and replace. I got my workout in just fixing that mess,” she said with a wry smile. “I’m here for a little fun though and to knock off the rust and sharpen up. It’s been a while. I actually don’t think I’ve done a lot since the Shamshir. These skills didn’t really help me there, at least physically. Some of it helped me keep my head above water. I just… need to do something … to prepare.” She finished with a shrug and dropped her bag.


Bethany grinned, “We did. And you aren’t late. I had to move the time around last minute to get the holodeck time. I updated the ship wide schedule, but it was really too last minute for people to get here. But for the next half hour I’m all yours. Get yourself ready and then meet me over there.” She nodded toward the center ring, “Computer deactivate the training AI. Smith-Smith-Omega-Ego-Fail.” Bethany wasn’t one of those that surprised punched their opponent. There was a time and place for that, but first time on the mat was not. All that did was serve to show off needlessly and set your partner up from practice mode to attack mode. Bethany stood in the center of the marked space and rolled her shoulders back once to loosen the knots from the previous hour, and then stood, hands loose at her sides, feet slightly more than shoulder length apart, left foot slightly in front of the other, perfectly balanced.


Miranda nodded and pulled out her own wraps from the bag. They were the color of a dark bloodstain. Carefully she worked them around her hands, between her fingers, around her wrists, making sure they supported, protected, without restricting. Going through a quick stretch routine, shoulders, wrists elbows, neck, hips, back, legs , splits. She bounced back to her feet and shook her hands out as she made her way over. Loosened up, at least enough to prevent injury she parked herself in front o Gadi.


The way Miranda wrapped her hands told Bethany about the level of skill the woman. In one quick movement she brought her fists up to shoulder height, dropped her center of gravity by widening her stance and then bobbed in, jabbed, and bobbed back out, but at an acute angle to where she’d started. As if Miranda was the center of a pie and Bethany was cutting slices out around her. Her feet never actually lifted from the ground, but rather glided smoothly over it, allowing her to shift her weight from one foot to the other seamlessly. Jabs and crosses alternated at random and Bethany’s target (shoulder, nose, jaw, side, ribs, solar plexus, gut) did as well.


The jab was sharp and sudden. She’d only been in a casual ready, just standing there. But if you’re always ready you never have to get ready. Miranda jerked her head to the right, hands coming up into a boxing ready. The fist caught the side of her cheekbone and skidded off. It Knocked her head to the right a little, but she was already going that way, making the blow more insult than injury. Right foot slid out with her in a big sidestep, clearing her of the follow up and buying her time.

Oh, she wants to go for it.

The redhead’s expression hardened, chin dropped. The faintest hint of a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Then came the next jab-cross. Left right left right. Rather than backpedaling, she shifted to the side and forward, making Beth move to follow, circling. She moved her head off line with each strike just a little, letting her feet do most of the work. Both hands were up, and not so much blocking but checking and parrying with little movements, flicks of the wrist and hand more than anything. Small, controlled. Waiting. Paying attention to the timing and ranging.

Then the next jab-cross came. Instead of dodging to the right, she shifted her foot left and forward, closing the gap. The jab sailed past her right ear. the cross was coming. Left hand swept up and palm contacted at the wrist. Miranda brought her right elbow around at the same time, aiming the point of her elbow straight into the flying fist, guided by her left. The intent? To de-fang the snake by busting that bastard’s teeth out. Compounding on the step-through, she planted her left foot and brought her right up and around in a power round kick toward the outside of Bethany’s left thigh. If she could knock her feet out from under her or takw away her ability to stand or move well with that leg, even for a few moments…

Martel, CE

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