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Elias looked at Bethany for a moment…

And then grinned.

“Oh, I give you my word that no children or even any member of this ship’s crew will be harmed by me or anything I do while I am here or by anything I have done after you leave. I will not sabotage your ship, nor will I set you up to fail. Of that, you have my utmost promise. Now shall we get to work?”


Awww hell. Bethany felt like she just jumped from the frying pan into the fire. That was too easy. It wouldn’t stop them from getting hurt. Things like that could never be totally prevented, and this mission was a nightmare before it got started. But at least Elias wouldn’t be going after them. Even though she knew there was some twist to it, there always was, she could, at least for now…for the duration of this mission, breathe, if not well. “Where do you want to start?” She had the feeling by the time they were done with Elias’s ‘assistance’ she was going to wish she’d died.

Well if he was staying. =/\=Captain Kiernan could you come to my quarters please.=/\= Is wasn’t like Gadi to make such a request so if she did there was a reason for it.
Gadi, CoS

=/\=On my way.=/\= Sara responded. She expected something terribly urgent to be happening when she arrived. Though a ship’s Captain from day to day could hardly guess what.

She arrived at Gadi’s quarters and hit the door chime.


Bethany was tempted to tell Elias to behave and be charming, but the problem was Elias was extremely charming when he wanted to be. Bethany opened the door, “Come in Captain.” There was an unknown man sitting at Bethany’s desk, well maybe depending on how much Kiernan kept up with Federation security matters and the most wanted list. Calloway was sitting in a chair holding a weapon that may or may not have been aimed at the man, and Gadi, herself, looked well unreadable and the ever present smile seemed forced. “Captain Kiernan let me introduce the man that has been sent to turn us into pirates. He’s quite qualified for the job seeing as how he’s the most feared and successful pirate - dead or alive, Elias Balthazar. Elias this is Cot Kiernan, but I’m sure you already knew that.”

Gadi, CoS

Sara smiled a Bethany. “Hello Lieutenant.” She turned to Elias and turned grave as she did so. “Mr Balthazar. Welcome to the Asimov.”

“Nice ship, Captain.” Elias said smoothly. “I look forward to helping it as much as I’m allowed to.”

Shara just leaned with the rifle still in her hands, which might appear rather more aggressive than she intended and yet the weapon in her hand felt comforting, safe. In some ways, delving in and treating this like a little game was the thing that was keeping her mind focused, from slipping down paths of thought that would only lead to panic. She had no choice but to appear completely in control. If she did her job right, no one would know the internal war being waged. This was just another op, pure and simple. The stakes didn’t matter, neither did the later impact this would have on her. She couldn’t think about that now or it would cripple her.

Commander Calloway, CIO

Shara’s presence, and her rifle, hadn’t immediately caught Sara’s eye. Science officers weren’t much trained to spot that sort of thing. She just supposed she was lucky Calloway was on her side. She nodded a greeting, expecting silence was more what she desired, and looked to Gadi. “So to what do I owe the pleasure of this meeting?”



“I thought it prudent you get to meet the man that is going to send over half our officers crying to the counselor. He’s here to make pirates out of us. Not act but to think and live and breathe like them. The opportunity to meet before you hear the stories that will float about. Some true some exaggerated. You’re the captain, you deserve to know who ‘they’ have put on your ship.” Bethany had no doubt that whatever ‘training’ they got, if Elias was really helping, half the crew would end up in Paddy’s office trying to reconcile what they believed in with the necessity of Elias’ training.

Gadi, CoS

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