Break Out the Mats and Spar (Tag Martel)

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Bethany grinned, “We did. And you aren’t late. I had to move the time around last minute to get the holodeck time. I updated the ship wide schedule, but it was really too last minute for people to get here. But for the next half hour I’m all yours. Get yourself ready and then meet me over there.” She nodded toward the center ring, “Computer deactivate the training AI. Smith-Smith-Omega-Ego-Fail.” Bethany wasn’t one of those that surprised punched their opponent. There was a time and place for that, but first time on the mat was not. All that did was serve to show off needlessly and set your partner up from practice mode to attack mode. Bethany stood in the center of the marked space and rolled her shoulders back once to loosen the knots from the previous hour, and then stood, hands loose at her sides, feet slightly more than shoulder length apart, left foot slightly in front of the other, perfectly balanced.


Miranda nodded and pulled out her own wraps from the bag. They were the color of a dark bloodstain. Carefully she worked them around her hands, between her fingers, around her wrists, making sure they supported, protected, without restricting. Going through a quick stretch routine, shoulders, wrists elbows, neck, hips, back, legs , splits. She bounced back to her feet and shook her hands out as she made her way over. Loosened up, at least enough to prevent injury she parked herself in front o Gadi.


The way Miranda wrapped her hands told Bethany about the level of skill the woman. In one quick movement she brought her fists up to shoulder height, dropped her center of gravity by widening her stance and then bobbed in, jabbed, and bobbed back out, but at an acute angle to where she’d started. As if Miranda was the center of a pie and Bethany was cutting slices out around her. Her feet never actually lifted from the ground, but rather glided smoothly over it, allowing her to shift her weight from one foot to the other seamlessly. Jabs and crosses alternated at random and Bethany’s target (shoulder, nose, jaw, side, ribs, solar plexus, gut) did as well.


The jab was sharp and sudden. She’d only been in a casual ready, just standing there. But if you’re always ready you never have to get ready. Miranda jerked her head to the right, hands coming up into a boxing ready. The fist caught the side of her cheekbone and skidded off. It Knocked her head to the right a little, but she was already going that way, making the blow more insult than injury. Right foot slid out with her in a big sidestep, clearing her of the follow up and buying her time.

Oh, she wants to go for it.

The redhead’s expression hardened, chin dropped. The faintest hint of a smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Then came the next jab-cross. Left right left right. Rather than backpedaling, she shifted to the side and forward, making Beth move to follow, circling. She moved her head off line with each strike just a little, letting her feet do most of the work. Both hands were up, and not so much blocking but checking and parrying with little movements, flicks of the wrist and hand more than anything. Small, controlled. Waiting. Paying attention to the timing and ranging.

Then the next jab-cross came. Instead of dodging to the right, she shifted her foot left and forward, closing the gap. The jab sailed past her right ear. the cross was coming. Left hand swept up and palm contacted at the wrist. Miranda brought her right elbow around at the same time, aiming the point of her elbow straight into the flying fist, guided by her left. The intent? To de-fang the snake by busting that bastard’s teeth out. Compounding on the step-through, she planted her left foot and brought her right up and around in a power round kick toward the outside of Bethany’s left thigh. If she could knock her feet out from under her or takw away her ability to stand or move well with that leg, even for a few moments…

Martel, CE

The whole time Bethy was watching, gauging, getting a feel for Miranda’s style. Bethy’s mentor would like it, very ‘Zen’ like as she would say. Then she’d make Miranda do more than stand there looking bored. Ah good memories…

Bethany allowed her rhythm to become more predictable, more easily timed and followed, to see what Miranda would do with it. And then…there it was. When the jab missed, Bethany didn’t pull her arm back but wrapped it around Miranda’s back pulling them in closer so that Miranda’s elbow contacted her back. Oh, it hurt but not like it would have if it had struck true. The cross altered to grab at her shirt for purchase, but was deflected by Miranda’s left hand. But in close quarters the kick lost it’s point of power and when the sweep came, Bethany grinned, and dropped, taking Miranda with her. Bethany let her left arm that had been around Miranda’s shoulders slip down her right arm, pivoting on her hip as they landed, she aimed a to let her elbow land into Miranda’s soft core. Then executing a quick back roll she was back to her feet. Bethany wasn’t prepared to take this session to the floor with grappling. Bethany’s ever present grin was more natural. Miranda didn’t hesitate and she was observant.

This time Bethany didn’t move, she waited, letting Miranda take the initiative.


Mentally she cursed at herself. Though nobody’d managed to handle that in that way. New territory. And then Beth’s weight was dragging her down. A choked curse slipped out audibly, but at the same time she tucked her chin, and… then slammed her fist down as they landed, breaking the fall. Then the elbow was coming and all she could do was tighten her core with a hiss, taking the blow. Beth rolled away, and right on the heel of it, Miranda reverse-rolled to her feet.

As Gadi came back around to face her she took a long couple of steps. Her left foot lashed out in a front kick, followed by a right front kick, one-two before she touched the floor again. Then a hop to her left, carrying her almost two meters away from where she landed, trying to get out of range before Gadi could counter.


Bethany hunched her body in the direction of the first kick allowing her body to absorb some of the impact and then a downward block the circled rather than stopped hard swept the second kick away. It was a flashy move, and one that could land Miranda on her back if she was facing the right opponent. It was fast though and that would save her from getting thrown to her back. Most opponents would not expect her to be that fast. As Miranda moved left, Bethany moved right, keeping their distance the same. Then suddenly Bethany closed the distance coming in with a double strike, that at the last minute turned into an outward sweep, allowing her left hand to grip Miranda’s right and pull her forward off balance, her right had coming across her chest and shoulder, weaving in a quick arc step her right foot came in behind Miranda’s left and with a quick twist of her hips, Bethany went for a hip throw.


The grab at her right hand was unexpected, it wasn’t like she’d thrown it out there or left it dangling. She came around only to have Gadi’s arm slam into her chest and then the floor disappeared. Both hands flew backward, slapping the mat as she landed in a classic break-fall. It still wasn’t comfortable, but it didn’t drive the wind out of her. Chin tucked to her chest, she kept control of her head too. Jade eyes flashed as she set her jaw. Legs still up in the air, she twisted, , helicoptering around trying to catch Gadi with one or both feet, maybe tangle her up and take her legs out too. It was a common Capoeira technique, but just as easily could be done by most anyone with some athleticism and maybe a little practice.


  • If she makes no impact, then she will twist up onto her feet and reset.


Martel was fast and she reacted faster. Bethany approved. Bethany was much lower, her stance wide, and was just a fraction slower than Miranda’s legs. Her shins stung at the impact, forcing her knees to bend as an instinctual reaction to ease the sting and then her thighs were pushed in the opposite direction. At the very last moment, Bethany remembered to release Miranda’s wrist as she fell. She didn’t want to hurt the woman’s shoulder. She landed hard, on her back, head tucked forward, but her arms were slow in meeting the mat and the air rushed out of her lungs in a loud ‘whoosh.’ The edges of her vision fuzzy and she saw stars. She coughed a couple times and her voice came out a croak, “Good. I’ll remember that one.”


Miranda rolled away after the impacts, not wanting to get tangled up with Gadi. This wasn’t so much about trying to end each other. Just keeping each other sharp. Continuing the log roll, she twisted up onto her feet. Brushing herself off, she advanced slowly back toward the security chief. :”I didn’t expect it to work. Was more using it to get up.” Martel offered a wrapped hand (either to help her up, or a quick shake or fistbump, then moving to continue.)

Bethany grinned and grabbed her hand and pulled herself up. “That’s the best thing about it, Miranda. Use the unexpected. You were trying to get up, but you caught me in the process. Like blocking an attack before it’s made.”

Resetting, she shifted into a very boxing-like stance, hands held loose and open. Her lead foot, left foot, was pointed toward Gadi, her rear foot was angled away forty-five degrees, shoulder width apart. Her weight was almost evenly balanced, chin down, elbows down, protecting her ribs. Once the CoS was set, Martel switched her footing with a slight hop, then switched back, shifting her hands in time. It was a quick one-two, followed by a sharp jab meant for Gadi’s nose.


Bethany watched the quick foot work and when the jab came she twisted, making her body more narrow, and used her hand to sweep the punch out of the way. Then she squared up, switching her style, and held her hands up and fingers slightly curved toward Martel. They were wrapped well enough to provide enough padding it might sting but not damage when she blocked.


Seeing Gadi bring her hands up high after the last parry, she brought her lead leg up while leaning back. Her right leg pushed hard against the deck, shoving her weight forward. Her front leg snapped out but in a harsh push kick, but instead of using the flat of her foot, she used the ball of her foot, aimed for Bethany’s solar plexus. It didn’t have the same snap as a front ball kick, but that wasn’t the goal. Creating space was. Controlling distance and timing were crucial.


Bethany stepped into the kick but mis-judged the aim and took the brunt into her right side. She allowed her self to fall back, knees bent and rolled backwards to her feet. She forced a breath out hard and then in as she came to her feet. Then she closed quickly getting inside the range of Miranda’s legs, hand staying loose but up to protect her head from the side and keep the target area narrow for Martel. Then her knees came up aiming for her gut.


The first knee, she took in the gut, but let out a sharp hissing breath, tightening her core as she bent forward. It was quick, meant to absorb impact, but and keep her from losing her breath. She kept her wind, but the strike still hurt. It had been a while since she’d focused on toughening and body hardening. Have to remember that for later. Hopping back, the second knee was out of range.

The engineer pivoted on the ball of one foot snapping out a low round kick, aiming for Bethany’s knee or calf at the back. Not so much to do damage, but hoping to tap her leg enough to fold it up and drop her, or knock it out from under her before she could set her striking leg back down.


After years of having to quickly learn and adapt, Bethany just had this gut feeling Miranda was going to try to stretch the space again with some leg work. In those close quarters Bethany couldn’t stop her from tagging her calf, but she swayed with it, and instead of resetting she let her self fall forward onto her forward foot. She pressed, keeping the close space for a moment. Then she suddenly stepped back and held her hands palm out. “Good. Let’s try some hand combinations.” She turned and grabbed a couple of focus mitts and slipped them on. Miranda didn’t like close quarters and preferred to keep her opponent at legs’ length. Bethany would guess it was the close quarters and not a lack of skill. So the focus mitts would let her keep that distance, but refresh those techniques.


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