Mess Hall- Ponderings

Posted Jan. 26, 2022, 11:47 a.m. by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) (Lindsay B)

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Posted by Commander Shara Calloway (Chief Intelligence Officer) in Mess Hall- Ponderings


Eyes flicking up, Shara had been aware of someone there but was finishing a bite of bread. As her gaze met Ande’s those pale grey-blue eyes, full of intelligence, seemed amused. “Are you sure? You could be taking a great risk, you know.” Shara leaned towards Lykaios and whispered. “After all, I’m a former borg drone who fought for the Maquis, did a bunch of time travel and has now infiltrated the ship and is working for some unknown entity.” Which was a hilarious mash-up of all the different rumours currently floating about their tiny vessel. Then again, with Shara’s life and top-secret background, who was to say none of them were true? Shara gave a tiny wink and subtle gesture towards one of the other chairs with her head, the nondescript brown pulled up in a tidy roll at the back of her head.

Commander Calloway, CIO

She nodded again, “Exactly the reason I’d like to sit with you Commander you’re clearly an interesting person with lots to talk about” Andromeda had heard the rumours, as young and naive perhaps as she was she’d didn’t believe most of them. She considered the Commander, there were secrets of course but they were hers to keep and to tell if she ever felt the need to. Not waiting for an answer she sat down opposite the woman. She took her spoon and had her first mouthful which was surprisingly nice.

  • Lieutenant Ande Lykaios

“Ahh to be young and brave,” Shara said with a smile and dipped her spoon back into her soup. The hearty dish filled her with warmth and for a moment she could say she was content. How had that happened anyway? Shara was not a person easily content. Stargazer, her late first husband had called her. Always wanting to be anywhere else than she was. But much had changed lately. She had changed too, much to own surprise. Hence the second husband. Was it because of Micah she had changed or had she changed before she met him and that was what allowed her to be open with him. It was a thing she had been pondering idly lately. A distraction from their mission and the painful way it was bringing everything up things she had thought she had dealt with.

“How are you settling in?” Shara asked.

Commander Calloway, CIO


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